12 must-see films to see this weekend (February 11-13): ‘Uncharted’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘I want you to come back’ and more

It’s time to welcome a new weekend, February 2, 2022, something that usually equates to having more free time. And maybe you want to spend it watching some of the 12 films that I have selected for you. On the menu, you have both movie premieres and streaming releases, news in physical format, and movies you can catch on a nationwide Spanish television network these days.

In theaters


Adaptation of the famous video game saga with Tom Holland inheriting the role of Nathan Dranke and Mark Wahlberg like his mentor Victor Sullivan. A compelling and entertaining blockbuster in which you will find a great spectacle that also does not take longer than necessary.

Review of “Uncharted” by Mikel Zorrilla

‘Licorice Pizza’

Paul Thomas Anderson He is one of the best working filmmakers in Hollywood. He doesn’t always hit the bullseye, but his films are always worth watching. He offers here a romantic story with nostalgic overtones that works wonderfully the first hour then less.

Review of ‘Licorice Pizza’ by Kiko Vega


‘big bug’

Jean-Pierre Jeunet returns with its first feature in nearly a decade with a quirky sci-fi comedy for Netflix in which it’s abundantly clear who’s behind it all, both in its visual engagement and in the cast of characters trapped in a house against their will.


Steven Soderbergh returns with a thriller streaming straight to HBO Max with Zoe Kravitz bring to life a woman suffering from agoraphobia who uncovers evidence that a violent crime has been committed. It doesn’t even last 90 minutes and its director gave us more joy than disappointment…

‘I want you back’ (‘I want you back’)

The new Amazon original film is a comedy in which its two protagonists join forces to end the relationships of their respective exes and thus win them back. A priori, this seems to be a good option for the next Valentine’s Day.

in physical format


The Ambitious Movie wonder finally makes its debut in physical format. Highly appreciated by a minority, the truth is that it is one of the studio’s productions least appreciated by critics and the public, because it is one thing to try to do something different, in betting in this case on a more emotional approach, and another of the result is up to par.

Review of “Eternals” by Mikel Zorrilla

on TV

“Shoot Em Up (Into the Spotlight)”

A wonderful action-comedy, ideal if you want to freak out a bit, as it’s not afraid to use whatever excess it deems necessary to give you an entertaining time, to the point of wielding logic that feels more typical some cartoons. Moreover, the duel between Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti it is the most pleasant.

Friday at 22:00 in DMAX

Criticism at Espinof

‘The thing’

Probably the best horror movie in cinema history. A true miracle of John Charpentier which has everything to surprise you with this claustrophobic story in which a threat gradually destroys all the characters.

Early morning from Friday to Saturday at 12:30 a.m. at Neox

Criticism at Espinof

“Steve Jobs”

Ambitious biopic directed by Danny Boyle and with a script Aaron Sorkins. In fact, at more than one point it’s clear that this is more of a Sorkin movie than a Boyle movie, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Also beware of the great work of its cast, especially the excellent performance of Michael Fassbender.

Early morning from Friday to Saturday at 12:30 a.m. at La 1

Review of “Steve Jobs” by Mikel Zorrilla

“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”

The start of an unforgettable trilogy is a sensational epic fantasy film. peter jackson He embroidered it by paying the necessary attention to the characters -and to the quality of the casting choice- before the show took the stage, where it also shines like few others.

Saturday at 10:31 PM in CLAN

Review of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” by Mikel Zorrilla

‘On the Other Side of the Law’ (‘Dragged Across Concrete’)

A captivating thriller starring Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn which was not properly distributed in Spain, its prime time broadcast is therefore a golden opportunity to recover that third of S. Craig Zahler. And if you haven’t seen them, be sure to do your best to keep an eye out for ‘Bone Tomahawk’ and ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’.

Review of ‘The Other Side of the Law’ by Víctor López


One of the most acclaimed science fiction films of recent years in which Christopher Nolan he knew how to balance his more cerebral aspect with the need for the emotional factor to have a greater weight than usual in his cinema.

Sunday at 11:15 p.m. in La 1

Review of ‘Interstellar’ by Mikel Zorrilla

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