12 new movies and shows releasing in October 2022 on SonyLIV and MX Player that promise the best in suspense, thriller, sci-fi and more


The OTT platforms SonyLIV and MX Player have a host of exciting new titles releasing this month. From Indian original to Korean, there is a lot waiting for you. Scroll down to discover new movies and shows you can binge watch this month that will keep you hooked on the screen.

12 new movies and shows releasing in October 2022 on SonyLIV and MX Player that promise the best in suspense, thriller, sci-fi and more


1. The Good Doctor S06 – October 4

Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, worked hard to prove himself. As he marries, he must now navigate the uncertainty of a new life and hospital cases. With him, the other members of the team must also learn to deal with the complexities of life and death.

2. Eesho – October 5

new on SonyLIV and MX Player

The Malayalam-language thriller directed by Nadirshah follows Pillechan, an ATM security guard and lead witness in a re-filed case against a powerful industrialist, who meets a mysterious man, Easo. But who is Easo and what is his next move? The film features Jayasurya and Namitha Pramod in the lead roles and streams on Sony LIV.

3. Oke Oka Jeevitham/ Kanam – October 10

Made in both Tamil and Telugu, this sci-fi drama revolves around Aadhi and his friends who decide to time travel to their past, with the help of a scientist in order to fix their present.

4. Good Bad Girl

SonyLIV’s hottest deal this month is the Indian original good bad girl. The story follows Maya Ahuja who has three different stories to tell in one lifetime. The series shows how society and its inhabitants impact a child and shape her manipulative personality by the time she turns 28. Chadha, Namrata Seth, Rajendra Sethi, Soham Majumdar and Zain Khan Durrani.

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5. Court Enemies Love Story – from October 1st

The 25-episode Mandarin drama begins airing on OTT in early October and follows two sisters, Zhao Yu Xing and Qiu Qi, who grow apart due to chaotic weather. Now they have to lead their lives on their own.

6. Playful kiss – from October 5

After her house is destroyed, Oh Ha Ni moves into the house of her crush, Baek Seung. The drama follows their equation. Will the two fall in love? – forms the premise of the story. The award-winning series is all about love in school and beyond.

7. Again – from October 8

The Korean series stars Lee Sang-yeob and Lee Min-jung and is a story of love and family. The show focuses on Song Family and is a must-watch.

8. Ni Chang – from October 12

Set in the Ning Dynasty, the story revolves around Xie Xiaoni, who wants to rise up and become a popular businesswoman. His family was framed and killed by the Su family. Full of revenge, she swears to destroy the culprits and takes on an alias “Ni Chang”. Soon, she entered the Yunjin Pavilion to learn embroidery techniques and made a name for herself in the industry. But how long can she hide her true identity and intentions?

9. The Secret Life of My Secretary – from October 15

The South Korean TV series is a romantic comedy that will pique the interest of those who can relate to office romance. Do Min Ik, the leader of T&T Mobile Media Team 1 always relies on his secretary, the hot-tempered Jung Gal Hee. Although she does her job perfectly, she is also not shy about expressing her opinion. What’s interesting to see is if the office romance between the two will blossom?

10. The General’s Daughter – from October 19

2nd LT Rhian Bonifacio is an AFP military nurse. However, beneath her appearance hides a secret that she is a spy who was trained by her father “Heneral” Santiago Guerrero, to get revenge on the BGen. Marcial de Leon, the commander of AFP’s Northern Command, is his enemy. However, she does not know that BGen is her real father and Heneral uses him for his own cause. She soon finds herself in a feud between two families – one she grew up with and the other who is her true blood.

11. Sky Castle – from October 22

The popular Korean series will now be available in Hindi. The series shows the extreme lengths upper-class parents in South Korea go to to ensure their family’s success without thinking twice about the harm they cause others in the process. Wives are solely focused on the success of their children and husbands and would do whatever it takes to make it happen.

12. Hostages – from October 26

Israel’s popular crime show comes to MX Player in Hindi. Popular surgeon Yael Danon is about to perform major surgery on the Israeli president. She receives the shock of her life when a gang of four masked men kidnap her family, giving her an ultimatum to assassinate the president or it will cost her her family’s life. With only one night in hand, Yael tries to save both the president and his family, but will she succeed?

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