15 best new movies to watch on Hulu for December 2021

One of the best things about the proliferation of streaming services is that it has ensured that many movies that might have slipped out of the limelight have another chance to be seen by audiences. Although it has always been known to provide plenty of TV series for those who like to watch excessively, Hulu has increasingly become the home of some of the best films on the market.

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There are quite a few really enjoyable movies from a wide variety of genres that have made their way to the streaming service or are set to appear as drama soon. Swan song and the documentary on the real crime sleeping dead. If viewers are looking for what to watch next, these are phenomenal options.


Swan Song (2021)

Udo Kier & Jennifer Coolidge Look at Each Other in Mirrors in Swan Song

With Udo Kier in a rare role, Swan song is a film about a retired hairdresser who is contacted after the death of a former client and asks her to do her funeral hair. He secretly leaves the nursing home he lives in and begins a trek through town, meeting people from his past along the way.

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While the film is quite funny in many ways, its more serious moments hit hard, in large part because of Kier’s incredible performance. Unique and convincing, Swan song is quite a nice watch.

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

The Manchurian candidate is a gripping story about the character of Major Bennett Marco, who fought in the Gulf War and years later discovers a covert operation in which soldiers have been brainwashed with the intention of using them for harmful purposes.

Denzel Washington has received a lot of praise for his performance in the lead role, and he, Meryl Streep, and Liev Schreiber help make this film the much-loved political thriller it is. With satisfying twists and turns that leave audiences looking forward to the next scene, The Manchurian candidate maintains a strong heritage.

Eleven from the Ocean (2001)

George Cloony Danny Oceans Eleven

With a captivating plot and one of the best heist film crews never assembled, 2001 Eleven from the ocean has become one of the most iconic films in the Heist subgenre. It focuses on Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, who sets up a team to steal an absurd amount of money from casinos.

Incredibly fun and full of memorable footage, Eleven from the ocean deserves its status among detective films. The Twelve of the Ocean and Ocean’s thirteen Also visited Hulu on December 1, so fans can check out several entries from the beloved franchise.

The Princess Bride (1987)

Westley and Buttercup look at each other romantically

Fantastic in its execution of comedy, action, drama, etc., is the classic The princess to marry. Designed as a book that a grandfather reads to his grandson, the story involves a pirate, a gang of outlaws, a gruesome prince, and various other characters who make the world feel so exciting.

The princess to marry is appreciated in part because of its wit and charm, with well-written dialogue among other great elements. The characters in the film are some of the most memorable roles for each of the actors, and the film remains a fan favorite to this day.

Sleeping Death (2021)

The title screen of Dead Asleep, a Hulu Original documentary

While most true crime documentaries investigate gruesome acts that were clearly committed with malicious intent, sleeping dead takes a look at another infamous type of case, in which a man claims to have killed his friend while he was asleep.

He is said to have experienced sleepwalking at various times in his life, and sleeping dead assesses the elements of the case and the possibility of a valid defense. Releasing on December 16, viewers interested in the true genre of crime will receive a disturbing but fascinating new documentary.

The Fifth Element (1997)

Although it tended to polarize reviews when it was released, The fifth Element has become one of the best science fiction films ever made. Like many other films of this type (especially those produced in the 1990s), it focuses on the efforts of a few heroes, including Bruce Willis’ Korben Dallas, to stop a looming apocalypse.

It’s also a strangely moving story at times, as it explores questions of how necessary it is to save humans, and the Earth they have damaged, from absolute destruction.

Creation (2010)

The squad infiltrating someone's mind in Inception.

There are few filmmakers with such a keen sense of narrative and visual complexity as Christopher Nolan, who certainly deserves his reputation as one of the most talented directors working in Hollywood.

With Creation, he takes his usual interest in the instability of meaning to new levels, with the story of a man (played by Leonardo Dicaprio in one of his best roles) who is paid to infiltrate the subconscious of his chosen targets. . Along with a phenomenal cast, it’s also one of those films that sticks with audiences long after the final credits roll. Creation has gained the reputation of being one of the Best Christopher Nolan movies, and fans will be delighted to hear that it is available to stream on Hulu.

Real grain (1969)

There are few actors more associated with the western genre than John Wayne. Over the course of his decades-long career, he could always be relied on to portray a character with a deep moral compass, even though he was willing to do terrible things at times.

His portrayal of Rooster Cogburn in True courage, However, it’s a role that shows he could convincingly portray comedic characters as well. In fact, this character turned out to be so popular that there was actually a sequel, titled Cogburn Rooster, in which Katherine Hepburn also starred.

Sweeney Todd: The Barber Demon of Fleet Street (2007)

Sweeney todd

Tim Burton is a very polished style director, and he tends to want to work with the same set of stars, including Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, who both appear in this adaptation of the hit musical.

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Depp is particularly gifted as an incumbent Sweeney todd, a man whose tragedy is that he is never able to completely shake off his desire for revenge on those who have wronged him, even if it ultimately has unintended consequences.

The Beach (2000)

Although it has not been well received by critics, The beach nonetheless won praise from some, as he played Leonardo DiCaprio shortly after his extremely successful turn in Titanic. He plays the character of Richard, who travels to Thailand and becomes involved in a love story that becomes potentially deadly when cannabis growers get involved.

Although the plot is rather predictable, the film presents some truly breathtaking visions of Thailand. Additionally, it also features Tilda Swinton, the leader of a beach community who is more than willing to do terrible things.

Minority report (2002)

Tom Cruise using precog technology in Minority Report.

Steven Spielberg directed numerous sci-fi titles throughout the 2000s, including Minority report, which is undoubtedly the best sci-fi movie of 2002. The film centers on Tom Cruise’s John Anderton, a police officer who is drawn into the very crimes he is supposed to investigate.

It’s a haunting look at a future in which all crime is prevented through the use of people known as “precogs,” who can see crimes into the future before they happen. It combines sci-fi with aesthetics and black concerns, and it also contains a powerful performance by the late Max von Sydow.

Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Boys don’t cry won multiple awards when it was released in 1999, especially since it takes an unfailing, albeit deeply human, look at the tragic life and death of a transgender man named Brandon Teena.

Hilary Swank, in particular, was widely praised for her performance, which won her an Oscar for Best Actress, making this film one of her best roles. It is sometimes difficult to watch, but it is a reminder of how far transgender rights have come and how much more remains to be done.

War of the Worlds (1953)

Alien spaceship in a city on fire in the war of the worlds

HG Wells’ War of the Worlds is one of the most famous works of science fiction ever written, and it has been adapted for cinema several times, including in the 1950s.

It has proven to be an appropriate vehicle for expressing many of the concerns of the atomic age, both in terms of the apocalypse that seemed to loom every second as well as the pervasive fear of a Communist invasion. Even today, its special effects and Technicolor aesthetic are breathtaking to see.

Fargo (1996)

Marge Gunderson outside looking into the distance at Fargo

the years 1996 Fargo deserves its place as one of the best films ever made by the Coen brothers, and it still holds particularly well. It features all of the traits audiences expect of siblings, including a dark (but strangely hilarious) sense of humor and a neo-noir sensibility that explores the depths humans can sink into in their efforts to hurt each other.

Of course, a stunning performance by Frances McDormand as indefatigable and incorruptible cop Marge Gunderson, a woman whose murder investigation reveals a deep rot in the Midwest that she calls home, tops it all off.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness

the Star trek The franchise is one of the most revered in sci-fi television history, and the characters it has created are indelible elements of popular culture.

Directed by JJ Abrams, Star Trek Into Darkness features powerful performances from his cast, including Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock. And, as with the previous film, he also has a touching appearance as Leonard Nimoy, in one of his last movie roles before his death in 2015.

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