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Money loan agreement from parents

In today’s article I will describe the issue of borrowing money from parents and other family members, I will mention how to avoid paying 0.5% PCC tax on a loan, I will also add two templates of the loan agreement, the first one is: a loan agreement from the parents and the second is: a […]

Can a co-borrower withdraw from the loan?

Applying for a bank loan can sometimes be more difficult than previously expected. This may be caused, for example, by the requirements that the bank has failed to meet, ie mainly – poor creditworthiness. Sometimes help from a co-borrower may be helpful in such a situation. But what if he wants to withdraw? Can a […]


Since 2004, the company has been one of the largest financial service providers in Switzerland. Its main task is to offer a complete credit financing solution for self-employed and private individuals. The Good Finance platform thus cooperates with all credit banks as well as major financial institutes. People with good creditworthiness can choose an advantageous […]