27 new movies on VOD this week, including another Bruce Willis Dud



Friday, a real bargain of new titles is now available on VOD, and again, the lineup covers almost every genre you can imagine, from high-profile thrillers and blockbuster family films to serial killer dramas and the last of the endless procession of desperately poor actors from Bruce Willis.

Two fairly heavy hitters stand out among the field this week, the first being M. Night Shyamalan Old. It’s by no means his best job, but it’s an effective murder mystery that managed to make some solid box office deals this summer after making $ 90 million on a budget of $ 18 million.

The second is The night house, an atmospheric supernatural cooler that features an incredible lead performance by Rebecca Hall, as well as a unique spin on standard haunted house tropes. There are 25 more versions on top of that, however, and you can check them out below.

  • Old
  • The night house
  • Space Jam: a new legacy
  • Right in front of me
  • Holly & Ivy
  • Love, Lights, Hannukah!
  • Christmas in Vienna
  • Christmas castle
  • Christmas house
  • Pharma Bro
  • South of paradise
  • Survive the game
  • Sunset over the River Styx
  • Fried barry
  • Social distancing
  • Sinchanee’s secret
  • Detention (2021)
  • Revenge is mine
  • Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman
  • Don’t go quietly
  • Clean Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters
  • Spring blossom
  • Bayou blue
  • Val (2021)
  • east of the mountains
  • The card counter
  • Because of Charley

South of paradise sees Jason Sudeikis venturing outside his wheelhouse to headline a crime thriller, which might be worth a look, but we also need to address Survive the game. Less than eighteen months ago, Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray starred in a film called Survive the night, so you imagine their last collaboration with an almost identical title is a sequel, right? Incredibly, this is not the case, and that only sums up the Die hard the descent of the icon into apathy rather properly.

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