5 best new movies coming to Netflix in October



Netflix kicks off the scariest month of the year with a lineup of movies that have bite. Literally.

There’s a party vampire horror movie in Los Angeles and a slasher movie that takes on the culture of cancellation. For less genre, Jake Gyllenhaal’s crime drama and heist adventure produced by Zack Snyder Army of thieves should do the trick. Here are the best movies coming to Netflix in October.

(For the best new shows coming to Netflix this month, head here.)

the guilty (streaming 10/1)

Antione Fuqua and Jake Gyllenhaal team up again, this time for a crime drama with a twist of storytelling. Gyllenhaal plays Joe Baylor, a police officer threatened with suspension after an incident on duty. He is relegated to the police dispatch center where he receives fairly mundane calls all morning until a caller named Emily (Riley Keough in voice only) dials the number claiming to be in grave danger. As Joe tries to save her over the phone, he comes into contact with people from his past and events he thought he had forgotten. It’s an intense and addicting cat-and-mouse game that puts Gyllenhaal in the center of the action at all times, even if he never leaves his desk.

There is someone in your house (streaming 10/6)

Netflix is ​​doing its best to bring back the beloved ’80s slasher movie – see its awesome Fear street trilogy for proof – and this latest entry finds a way to marry the past with the present in surprisingly bloody ways. The film follows a young Hawaiian girl named Makani who moves to a small town in Nebraska as a high school student goes on a murderous rampage. Who the killer is and why they seem to be targeting peers deemed ‘voidable’ we still don’t know, but Makani and his friends are scrambling to find out before their own murky past returns, well, kill them.

Convergence: courage in times of crisis (broadcast 10/12)

This new documentary for the Oscar-winning filmmakers behind The White Helmets examines how the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired ordinary people around the world to commit acts of true bravery. From hospital volunteers in Wuhan to healthcare providers in Los Angeles, the film attempts to show how we can use this crisis to build better societal systems and adopt a less selfish worldview.

Night teeth (streaming 10/20)

Yes, this is the Megan Fox vampire movie. Yes, he follows an hapless Uber driver, who gets stuck carrying two bloodsucking party girls around LA as they try to hit every valid shot before sunrise. And yes, it’s ridiculously fun as its premise rings. The key here is Jorge Lendeborg, Jr. who plays Benny, an eccentric college boy who is just trying to make some extra money as a driver. Thanks to him, we are ushered into an underground world of undead criminals, including two young women (Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry having a delightful fun) who have their own nefarious plans for him. This is the kind of campy horror watch we need right now.

Army of thieves (streaming on 10/29)

Zack Snyder made the best character of his Army of the dead The flick deserved its own origin story, so it delivered it with this prequel that follows German bank robber Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer, also director this time) on an entirely different heist. When a mysterious woman named Gwendoline (Game Of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel) recruits a still green Dieter for a job that instructs him to break a series of legendary safes across Europe, he is plunged into a world of even more dangerous criminals.

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