5 best new movies to stream this week on HBO Max, Netflix and more


A new week means new movies are hitting streaming services, and we’ve got a massive new release this week. Because in addition to an interesting new documentary coming to Netflix that will amp up your recent nostalgia, HBO Max has one of the biggest movies of the year at no extra cost. How could they be two of the best streaming services if they didn’t come up with compelling new movies?

Yes, folks, you can finally watch The Batman on HBO Max. But what if you’ve already seen the nearly three-hour action movie? Or what about after did you finish it? The good news is that documentary fans are in for a treat this week, as are dads and Liam Neeson fans who want more action.

So whether you want your escape with a “surf’s up!” or you love your vinyl record collection (or want to figure out who does), we’ve got a whole week of movies to watch. And before you know it? The weekend will be here, and we’ll have another round of new shows and movies to watch this weekend.

Without further previews, let’s break down the five movies you should watch this week:

The Batman (HBO Max)

The biggest new movie streaming this week is one of the biggest of the year, as Matt Reeves’ The Batman descends from the rafters of Gotham’s most corrupt corners and onto HBO Max. Its timely arrival (Marvel movies take much longer than the 44 days we’ve expected for this air date) may seem fortunately new to some, and we hope everyone follows that pattern.

The Batman focuses on the chaos that unfolds during Bruce Wayne’s second year working to become the caped crusader defending a still-crime-infested Gotham City. As Gotham’s elites focus on the ongoing mayoral election, a new criminal scourge known as The Riddler (Paul Dano) terrorizes the police, trying to unravel a conspiracy. And while Batman/Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) does his best to stop the criminal epidemic, he continues to find connections between the criminal underbelly and those in power in Gotham. While interrogating Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot (Colin Farrell as Proto-Penguin), Batman makes a new friend in Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz, who adores Catwoman) who tries to solve her own mystery and seek revenge.

Arguably a bit long at 2 hours and 56 minutes, The Batman is filled with great performances, including John Turturro as mob boss Carmine Falcone and Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon.

Stream it now on HBO Max

White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch (Netflix)

For all those who have not lived through the Abercrombie era and for those who want a good dose of nostalgia? Netflix’s latest documentary delves into the problematic nature of one of the most popular clothing brands of decades.

Not only does White Hot examine A&F’s (relatively normal) strategic appeal of being a brand designed for cool kids, but it also examines the brand’s extremely exclusive marketing. It’s called “White Hot” for a reason, as Abercrombie employees had to adapt to a very specific look. And this is an image that did not allow dreadlocks, for example. And then they acted like they weren’t racist, but the people they were letting go weren’t cool enough.

The A&F controversy even went all the way to the Supreme Court.

Stream it now on netflix

Black light

Liam Neeson, after starring in the Taken movies, built a brand with a specific audience. And his latest film is finally coming to streaming. His latest, Blacklight, finds Neeson playing Travis Block, a “fixer” who does dirty work for the government. And while Block wants to hang things up after looking at his past, it doesn’t seem like his bosses want to let him go. Even if he wants to focus on being a better grandfather.

Block’s moral code comes under closer scrutiny when he learns of a program called Operation Unity, which doesn’t bridge any gaps. Instead, Operation Unity, which is tied to Block’s own FBI boss, kills civilians. And guess who has to stop them?

Sure, Father’s Day is two months away, but is it ever a bad time for a good old-school thriller practically made for dads?

Stream it now on Amazon and other video-on-demand services

Girls can’t surf

Yes, there was even a glass ceiling in the surf. In the 1980s, men were the professional surfers and women were relegated to beauty. And while that fact may sound sadly familiar, the Girls Can’t Surf documentary brings a strong sense of humor to poke fun at the gravity of things while explaining how and why things have changed. And how women earned about half of what men earned.

Fortunately, things have improved and equality has arrived for surfers. Girls Can’t Surf feels like a fun and informative blast from the past that may remind you of the problems the USWNT has had in football. Along the way, you’ll also learn how the contestants had to keep their sexuality private to survive.

Stream it now on Amazon and other video-on-demand services

vinyl country

Four days before Record Store Day 2022 – when tons of limited release exclusive prints hit the shelves – the revitalized world of vinyl record collectors is streaming. Vinyl Nation seeks to capture this scene, as well as trace the history of the industry and how it nearly died completely.

Sure, record stores faced dark times when MP3s became the thing, but it turns out that pretty much led to the rise of vinyl. Because while some people agree to rent their music library from Spotify or Apple Music, the lack of ownership has given others the desire for a stronger connection to their collections. Owning their music in beloved artifacts.

Stream it now on Amazon and other video-on-demand services

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