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Depending on what part of the country you are in, you could experience very low temperatures this weekend. And this is one more reason to cancel any commitment in favor of a very hot film marathon, directly to your home. To help you plan it, we’ve put together a list of some of the most exciting movies to stream on Netflix over the past two weeks. Among them, you’ll find a moving sci-fi film, the closing performance of one of the world’s most acclaimed actors, and a time-slipping Italian romantic comedy. Read on to find out what you should be watching this weekend.

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Focus characteristics

While moviegoers adore and debate the filmmaker Paul Thomas Andersonthe most recent version of, Licorice Pizza, they can also take the opportunity to revisit his 2017 film about a fragile personal and professional relationship, ghost yarn. In what he claims was his last role, Daniel Day Lewis stars as demanding designer Reynolds Woodcock, who takes on a muse and romantic partner in former waitress Alma (Vicky Krieps). ghost yarn racked up multiple Oscar nominations that year, rightfully winning Best Costume Design.

Gabriel Nuncio in This is not a comedy

Despite its title, you’ll probably get at least a few laughs from This is not a comedy, a Mexican stand-up comedy film (Gabriel Nuncio, also his character’s name) who is given a new opportunity to find his place in the world when his best friend asks him to be his sperm donor. At the same time, he channels his feelings of disconnection into a sci-fi scenario that only he seems to understand.

Alyssa Milano in Brazen
Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix

In this feature film, adaptation of a book by the prolific novelist nora robert, Alyssa Milano plays the role of an author of detective novels who finds herself embroiled in a real investigation: the hunt for the murderer of her own sister. Along the way, she unpacks her brother’s secret life and, because it wouldn’t be a Nora Roberts story if she didn’t, becomes romantically involved with the dashing detective in charge of the case.

Kelsey Grammer in The God Committee
vertical entertainment

If you had the power to decide who survives a disease and who does not, how could you live with that choice? This is the question posed by The God Committee, a drama about a group of experts tasked with determining which patient should receive a donated heart. Featuring Kelsey Grammar, Colman Domingo, and Julia Stiles, the film also finds the members of the committee several years in the future, showing how much the responsibility they bear has weighed on them.

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Nora Arnezeder in The Colony
Saban Films/YouTube

More commonly in movies, we see things in reverse: humans, forced to leave Earth due to increasingly habitable conditions, colonize space or another planet. But in The colony, things are a bit more complicated. In this future, rich people have long since left Earth, but there are also problems with their new planet, which is that no one seems to have children. So they send a team return on the planet they abandoned to see if they can give it another try there. After a fatal accident, two surviving astronauts discover that Earth isn’t as lifeless as they expected, leading to new class conflict and big existential themes.

four at dinner

In this Italian romantic comedy, each of the four main characters is attractive and single. So who joins? It depends on the timeline you follow. four at dinner plays with time and chance to explore how different combinations of its handful of main characters would play out, arguing that there’s no one path to happiness and, as the song goes, you just need to love the one you’re with.

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