7 best new movies on HBO Max in February 2022


When it comes to having an extensive and ever-growing library of movies, HBO Max has been ahead of its streaming competitors since its launch. With access to the Warner Bros. Movie Catalog, which is organized into curated hubs that include both classic movies and the DC Universe, HBO Max has an enviable collection of movie picks that are often added and improved. with new underrated gems and all-time movie classics.

With streamer options constantly changing, it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s available and, more importantly, what’s worth checking out. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the best new additions to the HBO Max catalog. Without further ado, let’s review some of the best movies recently added to the service.


Chinese district (1974)

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This classic neo-noir from the new Hollywood era is the icon of the big screen Jack Nicholson in one of his leading roles. Nicholson stars as JJ Gittes, a private detective hired by a woman who believes her husband is having an affair. But Gittes’ investigation soon leads to the discovery of a far more sinister and far-reaching plot. The film uses traits of the noir genre (which is often dark in style, tone, and narrative content) to create a new detective story for its time that is ultimately more disturbing than its influences. Legendary screenwriter Robert Ville won an Oscar for his work on the film, which retains its punch nearly fifty years after its release.

The iron giant (1999)

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A beautifully animated sci-fi riff on a classic boy and his dog tale. Set in the late 1950s during the Cold War, a young boy finds and befriends a giant alien robot that is quickly hunted by the military. Directed by a former Pixar Brad Bird, The iron giant was something of a sleeper upon release, failing to make a theatrical box office impact, but finding a large domestic audience and becoming a cult classic. With the voice work of Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jr. and Wine Dieselgiving his most moving performance as the Giant, it’s a thrilling adventure that will delight people of all ages.

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Love & Mercy (2014)

An unconventional biopic about Brian Wilsonthe leader of the sixties rock band beach boys. Set in two different periods of the musician’s life, Wilson’s younger version is performed by Paul Dano and John Cusack takes the artist during his last years. The story alternates between the 1960s, when the Beach Boys recorded their famous album animal soundsand the 1980s, when middle-aged Wilson undergoes an intense form of therapy under the guidance of a controlling psychologist (Paul Giamatti). Love & Mercy presents a unique take on the biopic genre, focusing on two incredibly formative and defining periods in Brian Wilson’s life, instead of taking a more traditional “cradle to grave” route to telling the story of Brian Wilson’s life. ‘a celebrity. Dano is his usual magnetic on-screen self, adding another big performance to his already impressive resume, while Cusack delivers his most vital performance since High fidelity.

alley of nightmares (2021)

Image via projector

Guillermo del ToroThe latest film was critically acclaimed, but failed to make a big splash in theaters. However, it recently received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and is now available to watch on HBO Max. The film follows Stanton Carlisle (bradley cooper) an opportunist who works at a carnival and soon learns the trade and the tricks of a trickster. Using his newfound talent, he begins to defraud the money of his grief-stricken clients, who hope to make contact with deceased loved ones. Carlisle’s ambition soon has him pushing for a big score by swindling a heartbroken tycoon (Richard Jenkins), with the help of an attractive psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett), which could well be his match. Del Toro pulls off another beautifully crafted picture, creating a dark, somber atmosphere reminiscent of some of Hollywood’s greatest films, while Cooper delivers one of the best performances of his career.

Long shot (2019)

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Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen star in the best rom-com studio to release in recent years. Free-spirited journalist Fred (Rogen) meets an aspiring presidential candidate named Charlotte (Theron), who was actually Fred’s high school babysitter and childhood crush. Charlotte hires Fred to help her write her speeches, and the two begin to ignite a relationship despite their apparent social difference. Rogen plays another twist on his usual comedic persona, which you probably already know whether or not it works for you, while Theron proves to be more than capable of holding his own in comedy and the two share a lovely chemistry that pays for a enjoyable viewing.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2003 & 2004)

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The two halves of Quentin TarantinoThe extremely bloody, kung fu-inspired revenge epic is hard to separate. While the former has extremely intense action scenes, like the live brawl and the battle with the Crazy 88, the latter gives us the much-needed resolution for the bride (Uma Thurman) long road to revenge and the final showdown with Bill (David Carradine) to which the title alludes. Thurman created an instantly iconic character with the bride, and Tarantino was able to pay homage to one of his most beloved cinematic genres, creating a cinematic experience that only he can.

West Side Story (1961)


If you saw and liked Steven Spielbergfrom, then why not take a look at the 10-time Oscar-winning original classic. Adapted from the musical Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Jerome Robbins, West Side Story follows two rival gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, constantly at war for dominance of territory. But when Tony (Richard Beymer) falls in love with Maria (Nathalie Bois), the sister of the Sharks leader, all hell is starting to break loose. With dazzling choreography and a reference songbook full of numbers you’ll find yourself humming, it’s a musical that even the most averse to song and dance can rumble with.

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