7 best new movies to stream this week on HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix and more


Every week we find new movies streaming online at the start (and throughout) of the week, as the Tuesday release schedule for digital releases is supported by streaming services releasing titles throughout the week. the week. This week we have a highly hyped Anime movie, a shocking piece of horror that should thrill the scares, a Netflix family animated movie, and even a movie adaptation of a musical.

The most interesting film of the bunch is Belle, an animated sci-fi film with a ton of escapism. Elsewhere in the week, HBO has a treat for musical theater fans, and Netflix has a YA movie set during that magical pre-college summer. Oh, what if you want more? The still-fresh list of new shows and movies to watch from last weekend. is always there for you.

Without further previews, let’s break down the seven movies you should watch this week:


We hear a lot of chatter about the metaverse these days, and it’s mostly ignorable to be honest. But the sci-fi animated Belle offers a metaverse reality worth considering.

Suzu, struggling to come to terms with the passing of her mother, finds her passions in a virtual world known as the U. There she reinvents herself as Pink Haired Beauty and becomes a wildly popular singer.

Belle, which looks so fantastic you’ll wish you had seen it in theaters (I personally still kick myself, I missed its theatrical run), is all about hidden identity. Although Suzu is afraid that her audience will realize that she is just an average teenager, she will also try to find out who is behind the dangerous dragon identity that tears you apart.

Stream it now on Apple and other video-on-demand platforms

Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known (HBO Max)

November 2021 has given Spring Awakening fans something to really cheer on. Jonathan Groff, John Gallagher Jr. and Lea Michele, along with many other familiar faces, reunited for a one-night performance of the beloved musical. And so, since tickets and flights weren’t cheap, HBO knows many want to see both the performances and the behind-the-scenes intensity.

Enter Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known, a documentary that fuses performances from that night with cast interviews and moments behind the curtain. The cast and crew also talk about the work it took to make Spring Awakening — no one’s first choice for a successful play thanks to its plethora of third-rail subject matter — a spectacle and a star to boot. This documentary film also shares archival footage showing the cast during the early days of the play.

Post it on HBO Max starting Tuesday, May 3 at 9 p.m. ET

Last Survivors (Hulu)

Survivors and preppers can spend many hours wondering what it’s like to be Jake (Drew Van Acker) and his son Troy (Stephen Moyer). Both managed to survive wars that led to apocalyptic events, and this is the world Troy grew up in. And Jake raised his son to live in fear, but also to marry the first potential spouse he meets.

One day, however, Troy needs antibiotics to help his father, so he meets Henrietta (Alicia Silverstone), who seeks to help him. She then ends up shattering Troy’s worldview, as it seems dear old daddy has filled his boy’s brain with lies. Looks like it’s thematically tied to The Last of Us, only with more gaslighting.

Post it on Hulu from Thursday (May 5)

Along the Ride (Netflix)

The path to college has been carefully mapped out for Auden (Emma Pasarow), a successful student who doesn’t even realize how badly she needs a ride. Enter Eli (Belmont Cameli), a handsome guy who really wants to help Auden live her own life – free from the confines of her own mother’s world.

So while mom (Andie MacDowell) thinks Auden is spending her summer with her dad, the serendipitous chance of meeting Eli opens up a whole new world of opportunity. There’s just the confusing question of who the hell Eli is. Auden’s friends are worried about her secret, but it’s actually Eli who refuses to show his own hand. Kate Bosworth and Dermot Mulroney co-star.

Post it on netflix this Friday (May 6)

Marmaduke (Netflix)

Every once in a while, the favorite dog of the 1950s comes out of hiding and is in the spotlight. Yes, Marmaduke is back, this time in a CGI animated adventure with a particular visual style that has no intention of approaching the strange valley. The film’s plot seems pretty standard, as Marmaduke’s family sends him off to train and compete to get him back in shape.

Maybe all of this won’t do you any good, but maybe the cast will. Pete Davidson, yes, that Pete Davidson, voices Marmaduke. Maybe someone served him Scooby Snacks? JK Simmons (Whiplash) voices Marmaduke’s rival, Zeus, and David Koechner (presenter) is Marmaduke’s owner, Phil.

Post it on netflix from May 6

Outbreak (Hulu)

Helping helpless local birds was such a great thing for the kids growing up. Finnish body horror film Hatching features a story that has nothing to do with it. Twelve-year-old Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) learns a lot about the dangers of poultry friends after a crow flies into her family’s pristine living room.

Not only does her mother (Sophia Heikkilä) get rid of the bird in a cruel way, but that moment pushes Tinja into the desert where she finds an egg. Perhaps feeling responsible for said egg (is it from the same bird that just passed?) Tinja brings this egg home with her.

But between ballet lessons, Tinja begins to realize it’s not just an egg. He glows red and even grows bigger than Tinja. The surprise of what’s to come is so unnerving that we’re sure horror fans will be talking about Hatching for years to come.

Post it on Hulu from Friday (May 6)

Dear Evan Hansen (HBO Max)

If the aforementioned Spring Awakening documentary wasn’t enough for theater kids and theater adults this week, HBO Max is doubling down. This Friday, he delivers the film adaptation of Steven Levenson’s Dear Evan Hansen, the story of an awkward teenager who struggles so hard he has to write his own words of encouragement in the morning. Then the bullying leads to the tragic suicide of a classmate, and the rest is musical theater history.

No one is saying that Ben Platt – who plays the titular character – knocked it out of the park; quite the contrary. The general consensus is that not only was Platt cast poorly – the makeup used to make him look like a high school student was widely mocked – but that Platt’s father, Marc (a producer on the film) could have been responsible for the fact that his son gets the part, in a bit of nepotism.

That said? Audiences loved it, giving it 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, while CinemaScore polls gave the film an A-, and PostTrak recorded a positive score of 78%.

Post it on HBO Max from Friday (May 6)

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