7 best new movies to stream this week on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and more

This week’s edition of the 7 best new movies to watch online is well known. We’ve got a fantasy film from a beloved director, a few movies for the whole family, an action flick that bucks fairy tale lore, and a few fun Netflix Original films.

If we’re going to the box office, the first movie we need to talk about is The Bad Guys, which only had its theatrical release at the end of April. This animated film takes an excellent cast and turns them into criminals. Well, animals that are also criminals. But when Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell) has a crisis of conscience, things begin to change.

The next big thing in streaming is Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho. Long completed with his Cornetto trilogy, the Shawn of the Dead director’s most recent film is about an aspiring fashion designer, who finds inspiration while traveling through time. Unfortunately, things don’t go so well on these retro excursions, and she’s soon haunted by what she sees.

So, let’s break down the seven movies you should watch this week and check out the 11 new movies and shows to watch from last weekend, which feature Maya Rudolph and the return of two major shows.

Thunderstruck (Netflix)

Bachelor parties are meant to be fun times. You find activities that fit the group (not just the best man, hopefully) and people go out and have fun. Or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen to childhood best friends Sebastian (Axel Bøyum) and Mikkel (Fredrik Skogsrud). The first gets married and they got together to paintball. Unfortunately for them, this Norwegian film isn’t just a fun night.

Not only does Sebastian use this outing to try and find a client (even the bachelor party isn’t immune to workaholic tendencies), but an alien invasion occurs just as they arm themselves. . Luckily for Sebastian and Mikkel, these two are more than comfortable placing enemies in their targets. Oh, and they actually have weapons that can stop the invading horde: laser guns.

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Secrets of Oligarch Women (Paramount Plus)

Power doesn’t exist without the people who allow it to thrive, and while we’ve heard a lot about Russian President Vladimir Putin, little has been said about the world he lives in. That’s why Paramount Plus’ Secrets of the Oliarch Wives is the most interesting documentary in weeks.

In this film, we see how women linked to Putin are finally speaking out and how this has created a threat to their own lives. Some of the people interviewed in this film have been part of Putin’s inner circle for decades, and they reveal details that go beyond the riches associated with that kind of power.

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Beauty (Netflix)

The recording industry, as we’ve all heard, isn’t exactly ideal for up-and-coming young musicians. And that’s what we’ll see in Beauty (written by Lena Waith), where Gracie Marie Bradley plays the titular musician offering herself to the world.

Her mother, (Niecy Nash) warns her of how the industry will try to grind her down after giving her a taste of success. Her father (Giovanni Ribisi) is ready to send Beauty into chaos. The record industry agent (Sharon Stone) who signed Beauty? Well, she looks like the dictionary definition of a costume deceiver who wants to take advantage of beauty.

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Naked Mole Rat dresses up: the underground rock experience! (HBO Max)

Fashion is an interesting thing for young children. Some don’t like it (i.e. naked time), some can’t help but delve into their parents’ closets. That’s where the latest project from Mo Willems (creator of the Elephant and Piggie books and the Sheep in the Big City series) comes in, adapting the creator’s 2009 book of the same title.

Except now it’s a musical that seems fun for the younger members of the family. This special focuses on the civilization of ever-naked mole-rats who live the nudist life underground, and what happens when one (Wilbur) decides he wants to wear clothes. Sure, it’s only an hour long, but as the only standout for families this week, parents will take what they can get. Also, more than an hour may be too much.

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The bad guys (peacock)

Reformed villains continue to be all the rage right now, as Gru from Despicable Me was followed by Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell). And this family caper about a group of villainous animals voiced by very familiar actors (also including Awkwafina as Mrs. Tarantula, Marc Maron as Mr. Snake and Craig Robinson as Mr. Shark) finally arrives on a streaming service near you, like Peacock gets it at the start of the new month.

Reviews have been positive of The Bad Guys, touting it as a “fun for the whole family” adventure. It has positive messages about friendship and redemption, and while kids won’t notice the voices of your favorite stars (that includes Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz, for example), they’ll hear some of their favorites, like Anthony Ramos. and Lily Singh. Think of it as a way to watch a crime movie while the kids are in the room. Parents who managed to avoid buying the movie online may be happy to hear it’s coming to Peacock. If they have Peacock, of course.

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Last Night in Soho (HBO Max)

Most of us have seen Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit or The Northman, but what if you became the star overnight? What if that wasn’t a good thing? This is the problem facing Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie, last seen in Jojo Rabbit and Old), an aspiring fashion designer in modern London. Going through a lot of personal issues herself, Eloise finds her inspirations in the past by seemingly time traveling to the 1960s.

During her parties in this seemingly alternate reality, Eloise becomes Sandie (Taylor-Joy), who meets a guy named Jack (Matt Smith) while working to become a singer on the local scene. Back in her own life, Eloise finds success in fashion school with looks based on Eloise’s outfits, only for the nightmares of those adventures to force her to think about what’s going on in this world.

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The Princess (Hulu)

Hulu’s big movie this week is a fun action flick that flips the script to the world where the princesses you’re looking for are in another tower. So while the princess (played by Joey King of The Kissing Booth and The Act) may not have a name, she doesn’t seem to need one to save herself. King stars alongside Dominic Cooper, who plays the villainous Julius whom the princess refuses to marry after she is engaged to him.

Just watch the trailer, and you’ll get the vibe, as Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” blares as King hacks and slashes with a sword, while scouring the walls (inside and outside the castle). Produced by Neal H. Moritz (Fast and Furious films), Toby Jaffe (Total Recall) and Derek Kolstad (John Wick).

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