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It has long been believed that although hate can be learned, children are not born with hate. That may be true but teach them on hate, whether anti-Semitism, racism or homophobia, is also important. If you are a Jewish parent of a small child, for example, talking to him about what his people have been through and the adversities he has overcome is integral to understanding who he is. We will also note that teaching children hatred and tolerance is important, whether it is part of their history or not.

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In this list, we’ve spotted eight films that deal with the subject of anti-Semitism, a form of hatred that has sadly increased in the United States and around the world in recent years. While we sincerely hope this trend will diminish, having difficult conversations with your children can be a great way to combat it for future generations.

And while there are many incredible and poignant TV shows and movies about the Holocaust and the overall Jewish experience, not all of them are designed for young viewers. So here are documentaries, a musical and a series of age-appropriate and informative feature films.

Check out some of the recommended movies below, and we hope you and your kids find these choices educational and engaging.

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