8 new movies this week, including ‘X’, ‘The Outfit’ and ‘Deep Water’


There are some great new movies to check out this week!

This week brings us horror film ‘X’, drama ‘The Outfit’ and thriller ‘Deep Water’

Here’s the recap of the new movies hitting theaters this week, as well as those hitting major streaming platforms.

New movies to be released this week from March 14 to 20, 2022

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X (2022)


Release date: In theaters nationwide Friday, March 18, 2022.

Summary: X is set in 1979, where a group of ambitious young filmmakers travel to a set of isolated houses in rural Texas to make an adult film. Their stay will be cut short when things start to go wrong when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them red-handed and the actors find themselves fighting for their lives.

To monitor: The film is from filmmaker Ti West, known for his films Innkeepers (2011), The sacrament (2013), and In a valley of violence (2016).

word on the street: This is the fourth horror film for Jenna Ortega after The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020), Workshop 666 (2022), and Yell (2022).

my catch: I’m getting original Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes from the trailer.

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Master (2022)

Rating: R

Release date: In select theaters and on Amazon Prime Video Friday, March 18, 2022.

Summary: In Master, Gail Bishop (Regina Hall) has been named dean of a prestigious New England university, the first black dean in the school’s history. Jasmine (Zoe Renee) is a new student at the university, and she learns that the students of this school believe that the campus is haunted. Gail and Jasmine don’t just face systemic racism in college, there’s something much more sinister in these hallowed halls. Something that could prove deadly.

To monitor : This is the feature debut of award-winning screenwriter and director Mariama Diallo.

word on the street: The film won the Directors to Watch award for Mariama Diallo at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

my catch: I can’t wait to see what Regina Hall, who has been outstanding in support the girls (2018) and Black Monday (2019), made into this horror movie.

The clothe
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The Outfit (2022)


Release date: In theaters nationwide Friday, March 18, 2022.

Summary: The clothe is set in 1956 where Leonard (Mark Rylance) is an English tailor who worked in Savile Row in London. After a personal tragedy, Leonard moved to Chicago, to a part of town where only mobsters can afford his handmade suits. Basically, all Leonard wants to do is be left alone to make clothes with his assistant (Zoey Deutch), but his life is about to get complicated when two killers show up at his shop door.

To monitor: This is the first feature film directed by Graham Moore. He won an Oscar for his The imitation game (2014) screenplay.

word on the street: Mark Rylance is best known for his Oscar-winning role as KBG agent Rudolf Abel in the 2015 film bridge of spies.

my catch: Zoey Deutch is becoming one of my favorite young actresses.

deep waters
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Deep Water (2021)


Release date: Premiering on the Hulu platform on Friday, March 18, 2022.

Summary: In the movie deep waters, Vic (Ben Affleck) and Melinda (Ana de Armas), on the surface, have the perfect marriage. However, the two like to play mind games, and their marriage hangs by a thread. Vic allows Melinda to take any number of lovers as long as she doesn’t abandon her family. Their marriage is on the verge of falling apart when one of Melinda’s former lovers is discovered murdered.

To monitor: The film is based on the novel of the same name by crime novelist Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr. Ripley).

word on the street: The film is directed by Adrian Lyne, the award-winning filmmaker of lightning dance (1983), 9 1/2 weeks (1986), Fatal attraction (1987), and Indecent Proposal (1993).

My take: This is Lyne’s first film since her 2002 film Infidel with Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

black crab
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Black Crab (2022)

Rating: TV-MA

Release date: Premiere on the Netflix platform on Friday, March 18, 2022.

Summary: black crab takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where six soldiers are sent on a covert operation that could turn out to be a suicide mission. Nevertheless, the soldiers must travel through a frozen archipelago with a mysterious package that could change the course of a war that has been going on for years.

To monitor: Noomi Rapace, who plays the leader of the mission’s soldiers, was born in Sweden, where the film was shot.

word on the street: The film is from early feature director Adam Berg, best known for his work on music videos for artists such as The Cardigans and Kent.

my catch: I will see any movie starring Noomi Rapace.

Saved by Ruby
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Saved by Ruby (2022)

Rating: N / A

Release date: Premiere on the Netflix platform on Thursday, March 17, 2022.

Summary: Saved by Ruby is about State Trooper Dan (Grant Gustin), who dreams of joining the K-9 search and rescue team, but there are no dogs available for training. Conversely, Ruby is a shelter dog who dreams of belonging to someone. Luckily, the two are reunited. Now, can the two work together to make each other’s dreams come true?

To monitor: Grant Gustin is best known for his starring role as Barry Allen on the CW show the flash.

To monitor: The film is directed by Katt Shea, whose last film was the 2019 film Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.

my catch: I love dogs, so I can’t wait to see this film.

Cheaper by the dozen
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Cheaper by the Dozen (2022)


Release date: Premiering on the Disney+ platform on Friday, March 18, 2022.

Summary: Cheaper by the dozen is about Zoey (Gabrielle Union) and Paul (Zach Braff), parents of a large blended family, the Bakers. Anyone who thought living in this family of 12 would be easy to think wrong.

To monitor: This is the third remake of the film. The first two were in 1950, with Clifton Webb, and 2003 with Steve Martin.

word on the street: The supporting cast includes Erika Christensen, Ron Funches, Brittany and Cynthia Daniel.

my catch: I’ve been a fan of Zach Braff since his award-winning film garden condition and, of course, his two-time Emmy-nominated role in the hit TV series Scrubs.

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Ouma (2022)

Rating: PG-13

Release date: In select theaters Friday, March 18, 2022.

Summary: Ouma is about Amanda (Sandra Oh) and her daughter (Fivel Stewart), who live on an isolated farm and raise bees without modern technology. Their world is rocked when Amanda receives the cremated ashes of her estranged mother, and their lives are taken over by a restless evil spirit who will stop at nothing to return.

To monitor: This is the first narrative film by filmmaker Iris K. Shim. 2010 Shim documentary Suh’s house was a huge hit on the film festival circuit.

word on the street: Sandra Oh was so attached to this film that she also signed on as the film’s executive producer.

my catch: I can’t wait to see this horror movie because the trailer looks fantastic.

What new movies are you planning to watch this week?

And here are your news for the week of March 14 to 20, 2022.

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