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Hyundai rummaged through its warehouse, past the rack of neon tops and right behind a box of mixed tapes, to find a slew of 1980s classics to feature in a new Netflix movie titled Seoul atmosphere.

Set during the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the film features a first-generation Grandeur (known as the Azera in Korea), a Pony pickup, a Porter light truck, and a variety of sedans: Sonata, Stellar and Cortina.

Hyundai Motor also provided a key filming location at Hyundai Wonhyoro Service Center. The Korean cast includes Ah-in Yoo, Kyung-pyo Go, Kyoo-hyung Lee, Ju-hyun Park, Seong-wu Ong, and Jung-se Oh.

The plot (as it stands) follows a team of performance pilots investigating a slush fund operation – all set in a time when Dominic Toretto and The fast and the furious team were still in their school uniforms. These Adidas Ultrastars really dance on the pedals.

There are no gratuitous car chases, of course. Hyundai is using the film as the basis for promoting its forthcoming Grandeur luxury sedan, which is slated for launch later this year. A first-generation white Grandeur is featured in the film, “symbolizing its pioneering status as Korea’s flagship premium model,” the company says.

Hyundai teases the all-new Grandeur’s silhouette in photographs at the film’s launch, through a digital ad in a spin-off of Seoul atmosphere, using the film’s story and cast. The digital ad highlights the evolution of Grandeur and will run on YouTube and Instagram.

Hyundai Motor has also recreated the garage shown in the film on Zepeto, the “global metaverse platform”, to provide a virtual experience space where visitors can assemble and drive the vehicles featured in the film. Additionally, users will be able to meet Yoon-hee (Ju-hyun Park), a character from the movie, as an NPC (non-player character), and join a vlog event, using Gen 1 Grandeur.

So yes, Seoul Vibe is actually just a huge advertisement for Hyundai. But for skids in a Pony pickup with a Grandeur engine, we’ll take it. The film is available to stream now.

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