Amazon Prime Video Quietly Added 10 New Great Movies To Its Library

Need a movie in a minute?

At JOE, we understand that finding a new movie to watch on the streaming platform of your choice can actually amount to a strangely stressful experience.

There are a lot of doubts involved. Maybe you are watching with a friend or loved one and just can’t meet in the middle. Maybe you’re just not in the mood for Die Hard for the 100th time.

Seconds turn into minutes and before you know it you’ve wasted an hour and it’s too late. Tragic stuff, really.

Either way, when a bunch of new movies are uploaded without much ceremony, we’re done with it.

For example, Netflix added a few good ones last weekend – get them here if you haven’t already.

But we’re here to talk about Amazon Prime Video and the latest additions, right?

If you are a subscriber, you can now choose from …


Christopher Nolan’s twisty tale of two magicians and their fierce growing rivalry boasts a strong cast in the form of Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall and David Bowie.


David Fincher’s dark as hell thriller has rarely, if ever, been improved upon.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play two detectives – one somewhat of an arrogant rookie, the other a veteran who’s seen it all – on the trail of an inventive serial killer who uses the Seven Deadly Sins as a guide.

Stupid mad love

Ryan Gosling turns 11 the spell on alongside Emma Stone, Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon and Marisa Tomei in this popular 2011 romantic comedy.

Austin Powers: the spy who fucked me

The second.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

The third.


The 2000 vintage in which Samuel L. Jackson says things like “It’s my duty to please this booty” while still finding time to take down the bad guys.

A burgeoning Christian Bale takes on the role of a particularly nasty villain.

The good liar

Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen add a touch of class to a crook thriller.

The wedding singer

Classic 1980s comedy starring Adam Sandler – as the depressed wedding singer in question – and Drew Barrymore.

Rock of ages

Tom Cruise steals the show in this flashy big-screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical.

The girl with the dragon tattoo

David Fincher again, this time providing his version of the best-selling Swedish detective novel.

In the American version, Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara deliver excellent performances in an extremely gloomy setting – a superb score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross certainly helps – and a complex murder mystery.

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