Apple iTunes Launches Special $ 5 Sale on ‘Essential’ Movies from the Past Five Decades



Apple’s iTunes features dozens of movies from the past five decades, including “Dr. Strangelove,” “Shakespeare in Love,” Taxi Driver, ”“ Home Alone ”and“ Pulp Fiction ”- for one special, limited-time sale price $ 4.99 each, which in some cases equates to 62% off.

In addition, the tech giant is selling packs of 10 “iconic movies” titles grouped by decade dating back to the 1950s for $ 19.99 per collection, also for a limited time. Some of the films selected are classics like “Sunset Boulevard” and “Harold and Maude”, while the collections also include “iconic” dishes of a different genre like “Tommy Boy” and “Zoolander”.

Apple regularly launches movie packs and collections at special prices on iTunes, including a one-day sale last September on 10-movie packs for $ 10 in partnership with five major studios to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iTunes Movies.

HD titles offered at the special price of $ 5 per decade include:

  • 1960s: “Lawrence of Arabia”, “The Graduate”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, “West Side Story”, “Easy Rider”
  • 1970s: “Rocky”, “Annie Hall”, “Apocalypse Now”, “The French Connection”, “Serpico”, “Marathon Man”
  • 1980s: “Back to the Future”, “Ghostbusters”, “The Breakfast Club”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Seize Candles”, “Peloton”
  • 90s: “The Big Lebowski”, “Fight Club”, “Clueless”, “Jerry Maguire”, “The Usual Suspects”, “The Silence of the Lambs”
  • 2000s : “Almost Famous”, “Legally Blonde”, “District 9”, “The Simpsons Movie”, “Spider-Man 2”, “Sideways”

Movies from the $ 19.99 Decade-themed iTunes Movies Bundles are:

  • 1950s: “The Country Girl”, “The Invasion of the Body Thieves”, “Sabrina”, “Sunset Boulevard”, “To Catch a Thief”, “War and Peace”, “Barge”, “A Place in the Sun” , “The Greatest Show on Earth”, “Funny Face”
  • 1960s: “The Strange Couple”, “Alfie”, “Barbarella”, “Hud”, “Barefoot in the Park”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “In Harm’s Way”, “True Grit”, “The Italian Job” , “The Professor of nuts”
  • 1970s: “Paper Moon”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Love Story”, “Grease”, “The Out-of-Towners”, “Harold and Maude”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “On a clear day you can see forever ”,“ Bad News Bears ”,“ Plaza Suite ”
  • 1980s: “The Naked Gun”, “Airplane! “,” Footloose “,” Urban Cowboy “,” Clue “,” Pretty in Pink “,” Kind of Wonderful “,” Terms of Affection “,” Crocodile Dundee “,” Ferris Day Off from Bueller “
  • 90s: “Wayne’s World”, “Clueless”, “The Truman Show”, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Ghost”, “Kingpin”, “Superstar”, “Runaway Bride”, “Tommy Boy”
  • 2000s : “Zoolander”, “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, “Tropic Thunder”, “Almost Famous”, “School of Rock”, “I love you, man”, ” She’s the “Man,” “Mean Girl”, “Old School”


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