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On the East Coast, this November saw temperatures in the 70s this past weekend. It barely looks like November – the seasonal crunch point approaching winter – but there are markers that it is. The leaves are falling, the costumed and decked out youngsters (and adults) were out a few weeks ago to celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead, and the shopping calendar continues with songs and wintry decorations. HuluThis month’s new movie slate also reveals a disparity in emotional taste, or, perhaps, to put it better, confirmation that a range of sentient explorations into the world of cinema is what makes filmmaking its own. -even extraordinary. I do not know what responds to what we need to feel, in order to continue to live encountered, challenged and satiated by what the moving image offers us, instead of presenting our own life as the only mirror. In other words, it’s a diverse mix of content that’s coming to the streamer this month and so, here are seven of the best movies coming to Hulu in November 2022.


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Picture via Universal Pictures

Available: November 1 | Director: Curtis Hanson

Cast: Eminem, Anthony Mackie, Brittany Murphy,

A dramatic, hip-hop coming-of-age story for young adults, 8 miles was the first film project for the singer Eminem and focuses on the cultural intersections and discussions between Detroit and its suburbs. TO TEAR APART Brittany Murphy, who here gives an incredible performance as a vulnerable, sharp young woman who knows the dangers of life, her potential for growth, and lives boldly. And of course, being Eminem’s directorial debut, the film also features scintillating rap battles that are as emotionally charged as they are entertaining.

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Legends of the Fall (1995)

Image via TriStar Pictures

Available: November 1 | Director: Edward Zwick

Cast: Karina Lombard, Julia Ormond, Brad Pitt

Fandom fervor grew in the mid to late 90s for brad pitt easily overshadowed the deeply felt, heartbreaking, multi-partner love story that anchors this film. Performed over generations, by an excellent ensemble cast, love in Fall Legends is adrift, eternal and never on time.

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Talk to Him (2002)

talk to him
Picture via Sony Pictures Classics

Available: November 1 | Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Cast: Rosario Flores, Mariola Fuentes, Javier Camara

Pedro AlmodóvarInterest in life and/or death occupies a prominent place here. Two men come together in a spiritual way, bonded, as each cares for a different woman in a coma. The title of the film – using the Spanish command for “speak” – talks about the haberdashery of communication as it is (perhaps) heralded by men, but raises the question of who is talking to whom and why to talk ( listen) is an integral part.

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featured adaptation
Image via Columbia Pictures

Available: November 1 | Director: Spike Jonze

Cast: Tilda Swinton, Litefoot, Nicholas Cage, Meryl Streep

A wonderfully fluidly cast meta movie, Adaptation can be taken in two ways. There is the artistic process of adaptation, in this case, adapt a book into a screenplay, and the question of adaptation and the process it involves. As the film reveals, through humor and drama, adaptation is nothing but constant change, surprise, and indefinite promise of fulfillment.

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Image via Amazon Studios/Magnolia

Available: November 1 | Director: Raoul Peck

Based on Remember this housean unfinished novel James Baldwinthe documentary is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson but focuses on footage of James Baldwin speaking. It premiered in 2016 and Baldwin’s lyrics are as relevant today as they were during his lifetime. His message runs through a demonstration and a call to action regarding how fear and hate work.

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Image via 20th Century Fox

Available: November 1 | Director: Mark Waters

Cast: Angela Lansbury, Carla Gugino, Jim Carrey

One of jim carreythe most touching roles, his portrait of a tough, unattached frame whimsically crumbles as he takes custody of several penguins. His once pristine city apartment becomes a tundra for the new penguin unit. His personality – and what he considers valuable in life – changes, as the character comes to understand life through attention.

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Image via The Weinstein Society

Available: November 11 | Director:Ryan Coogler

Cast: Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer, Michael B. Jordan

Fruitvale Station tells the true story of Oscar Grant 3a 22-year-old black man killed by a police officer in 2009, played by the always brilliant Michael B. Jordan. Ryan CooglerThe directorial debut of is quick and vulnerable. Grant’s death is horrific and Coogler shows us what happens, but he sets out to show us who this young man was in his life, interweaving stories of his family and relationships.

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