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How to reunify debts? We explain all the details

There are many advertisements that can be seen today, by banks and credit institutions, which offer to reduce the monthly installment of loans through the reunification of debts. The premise on which they are based is that of gathering or gathering everything that a specific person owes in a single entity, so that the quota […]

Money loan agreement from parents

In today’s article I will describe the issue of borrowing money from parents and other family members, I will mention how to avoid paying 0.5% PCC tax on a loan, I will also add two templates of the loan agreement, the first one is: a loan agreement from the parents and the second is: a […]

Can a co-borrower withdraw from the loan?

Applying for a bank loan can sometimes be more difficult than previously expected. This may be caused, for example, by the requirements that the bank has failed to meet, ie mainly – poor creditworthiness. Sometimes help from a co-borrower may be helpful in such a situation. But what if he wants to withdraw? Can a […]


Since 2004, the company has been one of the largest financial service providers in Switzerland. Its main task is to offer a complete credit financing solution for self-employed and private individuals. The Good Finance platform thus cooperates with all credit banks as well as major financial institutes. People with good creditworthiness can choose an advantageous […]

Parents take loans for children’s gifts

In the report, the respondents also mention shoes (29%), designer clothes (28%), a console or video game (19%), a computer (16%) and other products, such as a bicycle or camera, in the report. It turns out that a third of Poles finance the purchase of products for their children with borrowed money or uses a […]