Cha Cha Real Smooth, Spiderhead and more

When trying to figure out what movie to watch at home, it can be difficult to sift through all the noise to find the real gems from all the streaming services available. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best of all the ones you’ll be able to experience this week. Whether you’re looking for comedy, drama, horror, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered with everything you’ll want to keep an eye out for when it debuts this week.

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Cha Cha real smooth

Release date: Friday, June 17 on Apple TV+

Cha Cha real smooth, the film, which received rave reviews when it premiered at Sundance, is finally here for everyone to see. The writer-director’s second film Cooper Raiffincluding the first feature film Shit Also to be discovered is a story about growing up when things don’t quite go as planned. It stars Raiff as Andrew, a Bar Mitzvah party host who begins to bond with a lonely woman named Domino (dakota johnson) and her daughter Lola (vanessa burghardt). As he gets to know them more and more, the film introduces many wrinkles to the otherwise charming experience that soon complicates what we see. It results in a more tenuous sense of beauty, revealing the uncertainty of its characters with a sensitivity that masks a deeper sadness. It’s a sweet yet dark coming-of-age story, revealing the flaws in all of us as we try to navigate our way through the world. The longer you let it in, the more you begin to feel the lasting sense of triumph and tragedy it has to offer.

father of the bride

Release date: Thursday, June 16 on HBOMax

Another take on the beloved story, this newer one father of the bride adaptation finds Andy Garcia as loving but troubled patriarch Billy Herrera trying to reconcile with his family. You see, Billy and his wife Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) were planning to announce that they were going to divorce along with the rest of the family. The only problem? Their daughter announced she was getting married, leading both parents to decide to keep their plans a secret until the knot was tied. It’s a sweet, silly, sentimental film that doesn’t so much reinvent the wheel as it smoothly rolls it along. There are extended family feuds and disagreements over the best way to proceed, making it a true portrayal of how difficult it is for an entire family to be reunited. It’s a fast, flying film with a sense of focus that serves its story well. More importantly, it includes Ruben Rabasa of I think you should leave celebrity who gets a whole bunch of silly lines worth checking out on their own.

Good luck to you, Leo Grande

Release date: Friday, June 17 on Hulu

A masterclass in acting that finds both comedy and drama within the confines of one room, Good luck to you, Leo Grandefollows a middle-aged widow who hires a sex worker. The worker passes by, you guessed it, Leo Grande and is brought to life by an enigmatic Daryl McCormack. As he begins to get to know the uncertain Nancy, embodied with vulnerability and verve byEmma Thompson, the film turns into a deeper reflection on what it means to grow old and how we can reinvent ourselves. It’s the type of film that will leave you reeling from sympathy, concern and frustration with the characters, revealing all the textures of their lives with a sense of tension that turns into a euphoric explosion. From detailed performances to sharp writing, this is one of the most unexpected films of the year so far.

crazy god

Release date: Thursday, June 16 on Shudder

A maddening yet melancholy masterpiece of stop-motion animation, crazy godis a vision that has been in the works for decades and so much the better. Created by Phil Tippetthe visual effects genius who has worked on everything from star wars at jurassic park, it follows a mysterious character who descends into a hellish world on a dangerous mission through chaos. The plot, as it stands, is rather light on explanation as it instead immerses you in its vibrant and vicious world with the confidence that its gripping creations will carry you away. Puzzling but utterly unique, it’s the kind of movie you have to experience at least once to fully appreciate what an eerie work it is. He gets under your skin, showing the full potential of his stop-motion techniques that become unforgettable when done with such care and grace. It’s a movie worth diving into, pulling you deeper and deeper with each passing scene shattering your expectations. When it all comes to a compelling conclusion, you’ll know you’ve seen something truly one-of-a-kind.

spider head

Release date: Friday, June 17 on Netflix

A film that the streamer has been oddly silent on for its solidity and construction, spider head see the manager Joseph Kosinsky proving that he has more than one summer hit in him. A restrained but chilling tale of an ongoing medical experiment on prisoners, it is based on the short story of George Saunders which he takes in his own direction. He see Chris Hemsworth in a rare form as the odd Steve Abnesti, the man who runs most of the experiments and who seems to hide important information from those he observes. When troubled prisoner Jeff (Miles Teller) begins to wonder what exactly is going on, he will soon discover that something even more sinister is going on. The film is an elegant and stripped-down experience, with most of the tension coming from prolonged conversations as the experiences unfold in often painful detail. Hemsworth in particular steals the show, making a wicked turn that never misses a beat as he harnesses his charm to control those around him. The darkness of the premise builds to its fullest potential, pushing itself to the edge of horror territory as we see the devastation wrought on patients. As ethics are increasingly thrown out the window, the revelations Jeff will soon encounter will challenge our understandings of both his world and those in it.

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