Check Out These New Movies and a New Crime Drama This Weekend


Film critic Greg Russell talks about two new movies and a new crime drama. – It’s time to draw the curtains and turn off the lights because “Reel Talk” this week has some new movies and a streaming series to keep you informed.

Film critic Greg Russell joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to say more about it.

First, a streaming movie starring Omar Epps called “The Devil You Know.” Greg said it was about this guy who had a tough life. After his release from prison, he wants to take care of everything and make it good, but unfortunately his younger brother, who is an adult, gets in trouble and suddenly wonders “what am I doing?”

Greg spoke with Epps about the film and he said it was a great piece about family, brotherhood, redemption and morality. He envisions his character Marcus as a fractured human being. He said imagine an old school Polaroid photo that’s been torn up and you put tape on it, and that’s what’s in the frame of the photo. Marcus is a guy who has just sobered up, found a new job, opened up to a new romance in his life, and overall is in a fragile place.

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Omar said Charles Murray, who wrote and directed the film, threw a grenade at it all and wanted to see how it all played out. He also said it was specifically told through the prism of the black experience. Greg gave the film three and a half reels.

Then there’s a movie with Helen Mirren called “The Duke.” Greg said he loved this movie. Jim Broadbent, who plays Kempton Bunton, is married to Helen Mirren’s character, Dorothy Bunton, who are both in their 60s. During 1961, Kempton staged a protest and stole the Duke of Wellington’s artwork from a museum to make it a point to say “you put more faith in this painting than in people”. Greg gave this film a four in half.

Finally, a new series on Apple TV+ called “Shining Girls,” which is a thriller starring Elisabeth Moss. Greg said it was about a woman who was attacked when she was younger and the attack stayed with her throughout her life. Now that she’s an adult, every day she wakes up is always something different and new. Greg also mentioned that Jamie Bell is in the movie, and he normally plays the nice guy but plays a creepy role in this series.

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