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After a theatrical release, the film produced by Guillermo del Toro drink, which stars Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons, is finally out this week on VOD. The film’s release has been often delayed due to COVID, and we appreciate the fact that the timing of a horror thriller named drink coincides with our favorite reindeer vacation. Also released on demand just in time for your Christmas mass, that of Paul Verhoeven Benedetta, a provocative lesbian nun story, a phrase even Paul Verhoeven would find too much on his face if he had to describe the kind of work he does.

And Joaquin Phoenix stars in Go on! Go on, Mike Mills’ follow-up to the excellent 2016 20th century women. In the film, Phoenix stars as a radio producer named Johnny who works on a show that requires him to interview children. Although he can chat easily with children he doesn’t know, he finds it difficult to care for a child after being forced to be the guardian of his nephew, Jesse (Woody Norman). While Phoenix’s presence on the film can often seem intense and intimidating, his portrayal as an adult trying to cope well with his new pupil, getting to know him and understanding how to care for him is more vulnerable, he is nice to see a softer, less intense film next to it sometimes. Like most of Mills’ films, this one is a study of relationships and life in general, the good and the bad, and assures us that even when we are tested, everything will be fine.

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In drink, Keri Russell stars as an Oregon teacher named Julia who has a student named Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas) whose behavior alarms her. He draws spooky illustrations and he appears confused, which Julia says is due to unstable or abusive family life, something she is experiencing, having been abused herself. But unbeknownst to Julia, Lucas’s brother and father, who were recently attacked by a mysterious creature, live in a locked room inside their house, hungry for meat and blood. What is happening to them? Well, that’s the mystery of the day, and it unfolds horribly over the course of the movie.

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Benedetta (played by Virginie Efira) was, in real life, a young nun in 1600s Italy who had visions of Jesus Christ. She also had sex with another nun named Bartolomea (Daphne Patakia). When people start to question the veracity of his visions, they also learn of his forbidden relationship and, this movie set in the Catholic Church, all hell breaks loose.

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