Death of Lata Mangeshkar: Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle: rejoicing between brothers and sisters


Lata Mangeshkar was considered one of India’s greatest singers. His contribution to the Indian music industry was immense. She was the eldest of her four siblings – Meena Khadikar, Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar and Hridaynath Mangeshkar. While her songs have always been the highlight of her career, her camaraderie with her sister Asha Bhosle has also garnered a lot of attention.

Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle had a very strong bond since early childhood. So much so that on her first day of school, Lata left because they wouldn’t allow her to bring her sister Asha with her. The two sisters, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle started singing to support their family.

The Lata Mangeshkar singer died of complications from Covid-19 on February 6. While she was in the hospital, Asha Bhosle often visited her. The singer had also revealed to ETimes that she was hosting a special puja for Lata Mangeshkar at her home. “Unke ghar par (Prabhukunj, Peddar Road) Shiv Bhagawan ke rudras bithaye hain aur puja-paath kar rahe hain for her recovery (Lord Shiva Rudras has been placed in her home and pujas are being held for her recovery”.

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In an interview with a major daily, Asha Bhosle once mentioned rumors of “sibling rivalry” with her older sister Lata Mangeshkar. Asha Bhosle dismissed the rumors and said, “She’s my sister and my favorite singer. People were carrying stories and trying to make trouble, but blood is thicker than water. I remember sometimes we were both at a party and some guys in the industry would just ignore me and only interact with her, as if to prove their loyalty. Later, didi and I would have a good laugh.

Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle worked in the Indian music industry around the same time, but the kind of songs they sang were very different from each other. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror about the songs that RD Burman would give Lata, Asha said, “He would give didi (Lata Mangeshkar) all the sweet and romantic songs and whenever he wanted to experiment with the shape he wanted. would call. to sing. Whether it was Duniya Mein or Piya Tu (Caravan), Oh Meri Jaan Main Ne kaha (The Train) or Aaja Aaja, O Mere Sona (Teesri Manzil), he would call me.

Asha Bhosle began her career in 1943 and was noted for her versatility and vocal range. She ruled for about 60-70 years and sang over 12,000 songs in over 20 Indian languages ​​apart from Hindi.

Lata Mangeshkar aka The Nightingale of India has sung over 30,000 songs in multiple Indian languages ​​during her seven-decade singing career. Lata has also received three National Film Awards, 15 Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards and many more.

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