Disney Plus added 3 new movies and 1 new documentary episode today

It’s the holiday season, and Disney Plus has you covered for family viewing this weekend. As usual, there will be a handful of new additions to the streaming service.

Coming to Disney Plus this weekend is a classic vacation flick, two vacation specials, and part two of an ongoing documentary series.

The holiday movie of the late 90s Ernest saves Christmas will debut this weekend. This classic movie is a perfect Christmas movie for the younger and older members of your family. If you are looking for something with a comedic flair as well as the Christmas spirit, then check out this gem.

For younger viewers, there are a pair of promotions featuring popular franchises, one being the classic Mickey Mouse Christmas Special, Duck halls. First presented in December 2016, this Christmas story features your favorite Mickey Mouse characters in vintage art flair as they face the challenges of the cold during the holiday season.

The other special that joins the service is that of 2011 The Ice Age: A Gigantic Christmas. In a 26-minute special, the iconic actors of this lively franchise celebrate Christmas by going on an adventure.

Finally, the second part of The Beatles: Come Back is currently out, so if you’re a fan of the group or just looking for something grounded in reality to watch on Disney Plus this weekend, then don’t skip it. Part 1 is also now available on Disney + to keep you up to date.

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