Doberman in ‘Hugo’ snubbed for Dog: NPR movie award



Director Martin Scorsese has secured 11 Oscar nominations for his film Hugo. He asks in the Lat the Angeles Times for a writing campaign for an actor who was snubbed. Blackie, the vicious doberman was not nominated for a gold necklace – awarded by Dog Daily News.


Hello. I am Renée Montagne. Martin Scorsese got 11 Oscar nominations for his film “Hugo”. Still, he calls the LA Times a writing campaign for an actor he thinks he was snubbed. Blackie, the Doberman in “Hugo,” failed to secure a nomination for a Gold Necklace, awarded by Dog News Daily. The cute Jack Russell who starred in “The Artist” was nominated, but Blackie is an anti-hero. And a few hundred votes on Facebook will earn him a chance to become the best dog. This is the MORNING EDITION.

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