Drew Barrymore and Michelle Pfeiffer react to influence each other in films

Drew barrymore and Michelle pfeiffer reacted to the influence each of them had on the other’s careers. Pfeiffer enjoyed a long career in film, making a name for himself in the early 1980s with the main role in Fat 2. Since then, Pfeiffer has played a wide range of memorable roles and is currently filming Marvel’s third installment. The ant Man saga, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, in which she returns as Janet van Dyne / Wasp.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like Barrymore will be seen staring in anything anytime soon, with the actress saying earlier this year that she was taking a hiatus to focus on her family life. Although she will not appear in Scream 5Barrymore recently helped promote the upcoming feature film as she starred with a Ghostface call in a TikTok video. Although she won’t be seen on the big screen for a long time, the world won’t be without Barrymore, as she can still be seen herself on her eponymous CBS chat show.


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Pfeiffer was recently guest at Barrymore’s The Drew Barrymore Show, where the couple discussed their filmographies and found a common connection between a number of their films. During the interview, Barrymore introduces the theme by asking if there was any truth to the rumor that Pfeiffer was inspired by Barrymore’s portrayal of Casey Becker in Scream for her role as Claire in Robert Zemeckis’ scary horror in 2000, What is below. Pfeiffer happily confirmed the question, explaining in detail why she had thought about Barrymore’s performance for the What is below role. Read Pfeiffer’s response below:

Here is a woman who was being harassed in her house – terrified. And I was preparing for it, around the same time I saw you in that movie, and your terror was so… it was so real. It was so real. And I thought, “Oh! That’s it!”

Barrymore then mirrors and reinforces Pfeiffer’s excitement by revealing that the wig she wore as Casey was, in fact, originally influenced by Pfeiffer in Brian De Palma’s detective story in 1984, Scarface. The two actors react to each other’s news with dizzying pleasure as Barrymore kicks the floor and Pfeiffer’s eyes widen in real shock. While showing a side-by-side comparison of the two roles, Barrymore says: “This is what I brought to the wigmaker. I said can you make me Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. You were my inspiration! That’s why I tripped so hard!

Barrymore and Pfeiffer have a clear chemistry and an affinity for each other. Maybe if and when Barrymore decides to return to the movie world, there could be a future project in between. If it was something as entertaining as watching the two iconic actresses chat, then that would be very interesting.

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