Dubai Customs Launches IPR Movie Award Among University Students To Encourage Creativity And Authenticity


In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights and in conjunction with national efforts, Dubai Customs has launched its IPR Movie Award for private and public university students.

The award will help attract and encourage creativity among students and spread the culture of intellectual property protection among members of society. Dubai Customs will receive participating projects from July 4, 2021, and the focus will be on engaging as many award participants as possible in order to raise awareness.

“We sincerely wish that the new generation share the responsibility of raising awareness about the protection of intellectual property rights,” said Youssef OzaïrMubarak, director of the Department of IPRs. “Now it’s up to them to create and innovate ideas on how to protect public health and the environment from the dangers of counterfeit products. The IPR Movie Award is the latest initiative developed by the IPR department to encourage genuine creativity and raise awareness; thus, encouraging investors to invest in new products without fear of losing to illegitimate competition from counterfeiters.

Related, Mahbooba Baqer, head of the awareness and education section said:

“The award has a clear and simple purpose, which is to protect genuine ideas, products and innovations. New ideas, no matter how simple, are the foundation for the development of societies. It will also help to raise awareness and highlight the leadership role of Dubai Customs in this regard. The DPI department organized 46 initiatives and events last year that targeted 2,358 people, and in the first quarter of this year we organized 12 events that targeted 1,394 people.

Participation is open to all UAE university students, and ideas should be authentic and new, in high resolution, and with clear audio for easier publication.

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