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Halloween is a controversial date in Brazil, but it is celebrated by some people. The climate of terror mingles with the innocence of the children who demand sweets – through threats of vandalism, of course – and creates a unique rendezvous. With that in mind, I spoke to the CinePOP newsroom and we’ve put together a list of must-see movies this Halloween. To verify!

The Night of the Deadly Pranks (1986)

This slasher movie takes a group of college students to a mansion on an island, where they plan to spend April Fool’s Day vacation. The house is full of April Fools’ Day pranks, like screaming Styrofoam chairs and pillows. But, out of nowhere, friends begin to mysteriously die. It’s fun and quite uncomfortable.

Abracadabra (1993)

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Dear fan, this movie brings a more innocent and fun take on Halloween. Designed to be a Halloween special for the Disney Channel, the Abracadabra script ended up gaining the attention of executives, who saw the potential and gave the go-ahead to go to the movies. The plot begins in the 1960s, when three witch sisters decide to steal children’s vitality in order to stay young forever. The act provokes revolt and they are imprisoned for 30 years. In 1993, a young man travels to the town of Salem and ends up releasing the witches again.

Saw the madwoman in Monsters (1987)

Written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), this horror comedy is a genius cult classic that plays directly with all of Universal’s classic monsters. A group of self-proclaimed teenagers from Monster Patrol find a diary written by Van Helsing, which warns of the invasion of the city by monsters, intending to retrieve a mystical amulet to carry out their evil plan. The group then decides to use their skills and knowledge of the monster universe to help adults in the most unexpected fight in cinema. Originally released on video, the film was so successful that it ended up in theaters. In addition, the makeup and costumes of the monsters were done by the legendary Stan Winston.

Ghostbusters (1984)

The second biggest box office of 1984, The Ghostbusters became a true icon of the 1980s. Stirring with the supernatural, a group of parascientists band together to investigate supernatural cases and capture ghosts in New York City, proving they don’t. are not charlatans. Their accomplishments begin to have repercussions and business is rife, until one day a threat greater than anything they’ve ever faced: the dreaded Zuul. Despite being a comedy film that helped revive Bill Murray’s career, Ghostbusters manages to unite the whole spirit of Halloween. Stranger Things says so.

Toy Killer (1988)

It’s impossible to talk about Halloween without thinking about children and horror. Therefore, Toy Killer is virtually the perfect example of the cruelty of the supernatural. After being shot by police, serial killer Charles Lee Ray breaks into a toy store, where he performs a Haitian ritual to transfer his soul into the body of a “Good Guy” doll, a sales phenomenon at the children. After the ritual is complete, Chucky is ultimately purchased by a widowed mother, who offers it as a gift to her six-year-old son, Andy Barclay. From then on, the doll comes to life and begins to touch the terror in the life of the poor boy.

Charlie Brown and the Big Pumpkin (1966)

In the 1960s, Turma do Minduim’s specials achieved worldwide success. In Brazil, they didn’t arrive until the 1980s. With a lot of sensitivity and unlike the other productions on this list, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin shows the boy Lino excited for Halloween. Unlike other children, he does not look forward to the candy hunt or the costumes, but rather to see The Big Pumpkin, which for him would be a kind of Santa Claus, who tries to prove his thesis to the Gang, but fails and ends up being ridiculed. It’s a story about being mature in the middle of Halloween, as well as being cute.

Ghosts Have Fun (1988)

There’s no way to make a Halloween list without having at least one Tim Burton movie. Mixing comedy and horror and even musical, this film is 100% politically incorrect and puts the dead in control. It tells the story of a couple who have a car accident, die and peacefully haunt a house. Until a posh family buys the property and begins to take the peace of lairs, which call on a hideous creature called Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton).

Panic (1996)

Starring Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Rose McGowan and Drew Barrymore, the film revolutionized the slasher subgenre by featuring Sidney (Neve Campbell) as the target student of a mysterious killer inspired by the cinema that killed its victims of horror. The film while innovative satirizes the horror genre, but the strong inspiration of the Halloween franchise makes it a good choice for this October 31st.

Halloween (1978 – present)

Begun in 1978 as Halloween: Night of Terror, John Carpenter’s franchise spanned 11 films. Some are wonderful, while others are as offensive as they are bad (I’m talking to you, Halloween 6 – The Last Revenge). But the truth is, Halloween horror practically comes with this franchise, which takes serial killer Michael Myers after Laura Strode, or his own niece, or relatives of the Strode family. Always attacking on Halloween night, the Assassin is one of the icons of pop culture and it’s worth taking the day to check out the franchise.

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