James Bond: Ranking Every Villain In Sean Connery’s Movies


The first actor to play the role of James bond on the big screen, Sean Connery perfectly embodied the spy gentleman. After half a century of successors, Connery is still considered Bond’s greatest actor. But 007 is only as compelling as the villains it faces.

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From Dr No to Auric Goldfinger to Ernst Stavro Blofeld himself, Connery’s 007 has taken on some truly iconic villains. Without counting the non-Eons Never say never, Connery’s Bond films were filled with memorable villains.

ten Vargas

Vargas smiling in Thunderball

Introduced in Thunder clap, Vargas is the personal assistant and main henchman of industrialist Emilio Largo. Like his boss, Vargas is on the time-honored side of Bond’s villainous specter.

Although Philip Locke brings everything in the role, Vargas is a pretty forgettable henchman. The character is particularly disappointing in chronological order, coming on the heels of Red Grant and Oddjob’s double whammy.

9 Mr. Osato

Mr Osato in charcoal suit in You Only Live Twice

Mr. Osato is a Japanese businessman secretly associated with SPECTER who appears as Blofeld’s secondary villain in You only live twice.

Osato was one of the first examples of the many generic amoral businessmen in the Bond films – after a while, they all blend into one character. Much like the supporting villains surrounding Thanos in the Avengers films, Osato is massively eclipsed by Blofeld.


8 Emilio Largo

Thunderball by Emilio Largo

Emilio Largo, the main villain of Thunder clap, was performed with a combination of Adolfo Celi’s on-screen presence and Robert Rietty’s dubbed voice. Featured as number two in SPECTER, a place behind Blofeld himself, Largo plans to steal two atomic bombs.

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Like most Thunder clap, this villain feels tired and repetitive. Largo is nothing compared to his predecessor, Goldfinger – and his successor, Blofeld. However, on a positive note, he has an impressive death scene as his mistress, Domino, shoots him in the back with a harpoon.

7 Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd

Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint in Diamonds Are Forever

When Blofeld returned to torment Bond for the second time in Diamonds are forever, fans were introduced to his personal sadistic minions, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd.

Played by Bruce Glover and Putter Smith, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are unique among the Bond henchman canon as they come in pairs.

6 Colonel Rosa Klebb

Rosa Klebb From Russia With Love

SPECTER number three, behind Largo and Blofeld, is Rosa Klebb. Former SMERSH colonel, Klebb is the main villain of Connery’s second Bond film, From Russia with love. He is a sinister and unforgettable Soviet overlord.

Portrayed by Lotte Lenya, Klebb is still the only villainous woman in the franchise. Even Octopussy ends up tipping on Bond’s side. There hasn’t been a main villain in a Bond movie since the second one-way ticket in 1963.

5 Little job

Goldfinger’s right hand man Oddjob was played to perfection by Harold Sakata. In his unforgettable fight sequences, Oddjob throws his modified bowler hat with enough force to behead his target (sometimes just a statue).

As all the great henchmen of James Bond, he is genuinely menacing but also adorable. There’s something wacky about a guy whose weapon of choice is a hat, yet Sakata poses real on-screen danger to 007.

4 Dr Julius No

Joseph Wiseman Dr No

The Bond series’ first megalomaniac villain has set the bar high for others. Joseph Wiseman plays the titular recluse member of SPECTER in Dr No, and his chilling performance has provided a role model for every villainous Bond actor since.

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Wiseman plays Dr. No’s “God Complex” in spectacular fashion, and his death scene is hilarious and ironic: his metal hands become his downfall as he is unable to get out of his own infamous contraption.

3 Red grant

James Bond and Red Grant in From Russia with Love

While Red Grant is just a secondary villain in From Russia with love, Jaws‘Robert Shaw plays him with such captivating threat and brutality that he steals the film. Klebb’s top executor poses an even greater threat to 007 than she does.

After all these years, Grant remains Bond’s most brutal henchman of all time. His brutal brawl with 007 aboard the Orient Express is one of the the most shocking fight scenes of violence never filmed. Bond is protected by conspiracy armor, but the public still fear for his life.

2 Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Donald Pleasance as Ernst Blofeld stroking his cat

Bond is a big bad guy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, number one of SPECTER, was teased in offscreen appearances throughout the Connery era – much like Thanos in the MCU – before finally taking center stage as the villain of You only live twice.

Blofeld was played by a few different actors throughout the Connery era, but the most memorable was Donald Pleasence in You only live twice. From his ridiculous volcano lair to his delightfully grandiose plan (to start a war between the United States and the Soviet Union by stealing space capsules), Blofeld has all the hallmarks of a quintessential Bond villain.

1 Auric Golden Finger

Gert Frobe as Auric Goldfinger

Performed by Gert Fröbe, the titular megalomaniac in The golden finger is Bond’s ultimate villain. Fröbe’s performance is wonderfully eccentric, and the character’s unquenchable obsession with gold is a classic quirk of the villainous Bond’s personality.

Goldfinger’s evil plan to destroy all of the gold in Fort Knox to increase the value of his isn’t just a stupidly grandiose Bond villain plan; thematically, this relates to his pride and the corrupting power of wealth – enough is never enough.

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