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Steven Soderbergh has directed not one but three films on VOD this week, which means now is the perfect time to enjoy a triple feature. In KIMI, Zoe Kravitz stars as Angela, a software expert who works at a company that created KIMI, an Alexa-like speakerphone. When Angela, whose job it is to monitor the use of the product, catches what looks like a murder, she becomes entangled in a dangerous web of secrets that her company doesn’t want her to reveal. Then, in a full 180 pitch shift, there is let them all talkwhich stars Meryl Streep as a famous writer who, after refusing to fly to England, is sent there after agreeing to travel by boat, on the condition that she can bring her two friends relatives, interpreted by Dianne Weist and Candice Bergen for the promenade.

And then there is No sudden movement, a period crime drama set in 1954 and stars Benicio del Toro, Julia Fox, Don Cheadle and Brendan Fraser. Filled with ever-changing loyalties between a group of mobsters (led by Don Cheadle as Curt Goynes), the characters are tasked with retrieving an important document from a General Motors executive, but it’s not simple, and [spoiler] people die along the way. All Goynes wants to do is get paid so he can get out of town and leave his life of crime behind, but it’s not that simple, as his friends become enemies along the way, and everyone betrays everyone so they can prevail.

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KIMI will play out all your anxieties about Big Brother watching you and the Covid-19 pandemic. The film is a technological thriller, where the character of Zoe Kravitz, who monitors the requests and conversations of people who use her company’s software, goes too deep while investigating a serious crime, but it takes place against the backdrop of the actual pandemic which we have all experienced. Screenwriter David Koepp, who also wrote Impossible mission, War of the Worldsand jurassic parkwrote the movie and like those movies that play on your worst fears about dinosaurs, aliens, and terrorists wreaking havoc, this movie is a surveillance worst-case scenario.

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let them all talk sounds like what would happen if Nancy Meyers whispered a premise to Steven Soderbergh at a cocktail party and he ran with it. The film stars Meryl Streep, Dianne Weist and Candice Bergen as three friends who go on a cruise together. The film was shot aboard a real cruise ship, Cunard’s Queen Mary II, while traveling between New York and England in August 2019. (Talk about the opposite of KIMI‘s pandemic.) On the ship, where there is no escape, it turns out that the three friends have drifted and only become clumsier and more complicated. Thanks to a largely improvised scenario, the actresses prove that they have mastered their craft.

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