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Now that the Christmas season is behind us, things are back to normal, which is that the new movies coming out on VOD this week are less about theaters and everything, and more about the drama and issues. of real life. Stephan James and JK Simmons play a varsity athlete and his trainer in National Champions, a headline-grabbing style drama about a football player who goes on strike to protest NCAA’s rule not to pay student athletes. Heavier is still Mass, a devastating drama that depicts a heartbreaking conversation between two couples of parents, one mourning the death of a child, the other mourning the fact that their child is a murderer. The film is the directorial debut of writer-actor Fran Kranz.

And then there is Help, a mythical fantasy in which a group of women, each with a #MeToo style story to tell, take revenge on the men. Ana (Grace Van Patten) works a kind of waiter job where she is harassed and abused by her coworkers at a wedding reception. The bride at the wedding (Mia Goth) is upset because her new husband is a nightmare. In a dreamlike sequence, the two women, whose lives have become hell in the hands of men, are transported to a new world where a group of young women welcome them and offer them protection… and the opportunity to turn things around. on their attackers. From there, the film becomes an action-packed revenge fantasy where women train to become killers and lure the men to their private island and out of them. Ana, however, becomes disillusioned and must choose between returning to her life where she is among the oppressed, or remaining in this fantasy world where she can continue to seek justice, while compromising herself as a murderer. Juliette Lewis, who currently stars in Showtime’s Yellow jackets as a justice-seeking woman who regroups with a group of former peers, also stars, and you have to think that the two projects probably complemented and informed each other a bit, given their settings and tones.

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National Champions, based on the play of the same name written by Adam Mervis, stars Stephan James as LeMarcus James, a Heisman Trophy-winning football star who is leading a strike among his fellow NCAA athletes to protest the absence of any form of payment, despite appealing millions of fans and massive creative incomes for coaches and executives. College sport is a billion dollar business, and yet the players themselves never see a dime. Although the national champions are pure fiction, this topic is not. The great Netflix documentary series bad sport has an episode titled “Hoop Schemes” which revealed that the reason Stevin “Hedake” Smith engaged in a scoring scheme while playing for ASU as a star basketball player in 2007 , was because he and his teammates were broke and unpaid student-athletes who brought fame to their school, but couldn’t afford to buy lunch. National Champions looks at what it would be like if a coalition of players took a stand against the system that relies on them but does not pay them. The film stars JK Simmons and Uzo Aduba, and features real-life personalities like Russell Wilson, Jemele Hill, and Steve Levy playing themselves.

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Joss Whedon fans may remember Fran Kranz as Topher, the tech guru of the Eliza Dushku-led series Doll house, and star of subsequent Whedon films The cabin in the woods and A lot of noise for nothing. The actor has now produced, written and directed his first feature film, Mass, which stars Ann Dowd, Martha Plimpton, Jason Isaacs and Reed Birney. Mass, which makes it seem like it was written to be a play in many ways, is a heavy-handed character study in which the parents of a school shooting victim meet the shooter’s parents, and it’s heavy on dialogue which can be emotionally draining, but also hopeful and cathartic.

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