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If you like Spider Man comics, Spider-Man movies, Spider-Man action figures and / or Spider-Man Underoos, get ready for “Spider-Man: No Path Home“, which is pretty much the most Spider-Man movie of all time.

This weekend, Tom holland is back in the familiar red and blue tights for Spidey’s next (and fairly massive) adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Bradley Cooper title an old-fashioned black thriller by Guillermo del Toro. Mahershala Ali pulls a double duty – and Glenn Close is his doctor! – in an Apple TV + sci-fi drama about love and death, Will Arnett voices a giant wrestling monster in a Paramount + animated comedy, and Chloe Grace Moretz tries to survive the robot apocalypse in a thriller futuristic Hulu.

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Here’s a guide to the new movies that will satisfy any cinematic taste:

If you need a superhero fix: “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Holland proves once again that he is Spidey’s best film in this rousing and groundbreaking epic. Teenage benefactor Peter Parker is exposed as a heroic wall-crawler, turning his life upside down and threatening his chances of attending MIT. So he reaches out to the magic bud Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to conjure a spell to make everyone forget his hidden secret identity, leading to the visit of former villains from the movie Spidey, including Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Doc Ock (Alfred Molina). If you are a Marvel junkie or a Spider fan this is a must see.

Where to watch: In theaters

Review:“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is a refreshing blast of visiting villains and second chances

Stan (Bradley Cooper) charms his compatriot Carny Molly (Rooney Mara) in "Alley of nightmares."

If you like the scariest aspects of the circus: “Nightmare Alley”

In del Toro’s adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s 1946 book, Cooper takes on the role of an enigmatic and charming wanderer with a greedy and ruthless side who exercises his con-job instincts at a traveling carnival, then moves on. at a high-level mentalist concert where he finds rich marks. His show puts him on the radar of an accomplice psychoanalyst (Cate Blanchett), who is both good and bad for his business. Cooper has an interesting character arc, Blanchett is awesome to watch, and del Toro creates a wonderful world of crooks and charlatans.

Where to watch: In theaters

Review:Guillermo del Toro’s elegant ‘Nightmare Alley’ is a ride full of seedy charm

Winnie (voiced by Geraldine Viswanathan) works to train happy dancing monster Steve (Will Arnett) for a big wrestling match in the animated comedy "To scold."

If your kids like professional wrestling and / or giant monsters: “Rumble”

The animated sports comedy imagines a world where creatures the size of Godzilla fight each other, and cities each have their resident champion. When Tentacular (voiced by Terry Crews) wins “The Big Belt”, he turns his heel on his hometown of Stoker and moves to a new nicer place. Teenage Winnie (Geraldine Viswanathan) trains gigantic salsa slacker Steve (Will Arnett) to become Stoker’s new champion and save the stadium named after Winnie’s dad. Even with a predictable underdog history, it will appeal to those who enjoy headshots and body shots.

Where to watch: Paramount +

Mahershala Ali and Awkwafina play terminally ill patients, offer way to protect families from losing them in sci-fi drama "Swan song."

If a Mahershala Ali is not enough for you: “Swan Song”

In the endearing and melancholy sci-fi installment from writer / director Benjamin Cleary, graphic designer Cameron (Mahershala Ali) keeps his terminal illness from his beloved wife (Naomie Harris) a secret and embarks on a radical science project to save his family from loss: An innovative doctor (Close) creates his double (also Ali), with a mind that has all its memories and a healthy body that will not have the disease. But before the new Cameron is installed in the original home, both versions must resolve the emotional complications resulting from the change, leaving Ali to do his usual exceptional job twice.

Where to watch: Apple TV +

Filippo Scotti stars in

If you dig a good international film: ‘The Hand of God’

Writer / director Paolo Sorrentino (“Youth”) marks with this well-crafted and touching Italian coming-of-age drama about a lonely youngster growing up in 1980s Naples. Fabietto (Filippo Scotti), a teenager from a large and crazy family, feels the buzz around town with the arrival of football hero Diego Maradona. When not watching his matches, Fabietto befriends sympathetic smugglers, falls for his aunt (Luisa Ranieri) and reflects on being a filmmaker, though an unexpected tragedy shakes his sense of hope, the letting find out how to deal with a large amount of pain.

Where to watch: Netflix

Chloë Grace Moretz plays mom-to-be seeking safety from android uprising in sci-fi thriller "Mother / Android."

If you are worried about the robopocalypse: “Mother / Android”

Set in the near future where humanoids set up as butlers, waiters and other service workers go wrong in an android uprising, a 9 month pregnant young woman (Moretz) and her boyfriend (Algee Smith) must cross a dangerous no man’s land to get to Boston – and subsequently out of the country. The interesting premise is wasted in a first half full of overcooked human drama, until an AI programmer (Raul Castillo) helps the mom-to-be, they stumble upon some deadly robots and the movie takes a welcome turn to brutal madness.

Where to watch: Hulu

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