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Like a viral Grinch, omicron is making an 11th hour effort to make the holidays less cheerful and bright. Whether you want to hide in the movies or stay more comfortable on the couch, a whole bunch of movies arrive as a cinematic escape.

Like “The matrix” movies? Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are back in action for a fourth sci-fi action installment. The “Kingsman” and “Sing” franchises also deliver new chapters, George Clooney and Paul thomas anderson the two unleash 1970s coming-of-age stories and Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are astronomers with bad news in Adam McKay’s doomsday satire on Netflix.

And two big theatrical releases are finally airing just in time for Christmas: Aaron Sorkin’s “To be the Ricardos” (with Nicole Kidman in the role Lucille ball) is on Amazon prime now, while Disney’s animated musical “Encanto” (with songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda) shots Disney + Friday.

With a new Denzel Washington movie to boot, here’s a guide to the new movies that will satisfy any cinematic taste for the upcoming holiday weekend:

“Matrix resurrections”:Carrie-Anne Moss gets up again to take a 46 story jump with Keanu Reeves

If you really want to take that red pill: “The Matrix Resurrections”

Director Lana Wachowski (who created “The Matrix” with her sister Lilly) takes a subversive angle to reboot the sci-fi action franchise, reintroducing the chosen Neo (Keanu Reeves) who saves humanity before sending him back in. the virtual kung fu rabbit hole, villainous computer programs and romantic reunion with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). He doesn’t totally fly, but Jessica Henwick wants him as a new freedom fighter (and Neo fangirl) Bugs.

Where to watch: In theaters and on HBO Max

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Clay Calloway (voiced by Bono, left) hits the road with new friend Ash (Scarlett Johansson) in animated musical suite "Sing 2."

If you are a super fan of U2: “Sing 2”

The Go-get Buster Moon koala (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) assembles his team of singing creatures and takes their show on the road to a big-city musical in this decent animated comedy sequel. The film receives a high profile newcomer in the vocal cast: Bono figures prominently in the best subplot as Clay Calloway, a reclusive lion rock star who finds a similar spirit in porcupine Ash (Scarlett Johansson) that shreds the guitar.

Where to watch: In theaters

The Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes, left) and his son Conrad (Harris Dickinson) team up at the start of World War I to take on a cabal of the worst tyrants and criminal minds in history in

If you like madness with your story: ‘The King’s Man’

A prequel to the first two “Kingsman” spy films, the action film combines the usual antics with a more serious war story. The Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) forms a secret secret agency with his son (Harris Dickinson) and close confidants (Djimon Hounsou and Gemma Arterton) to take on a vile crew of international villains during WWI, including the Russian nutcase Rasputin (a Rhys Ifans, the movie thief).

Where to watch: In theaters

Charlie (Ben Affleck, left) cares for his nephew (Tye Sheridan) from childhood to adulthood in a coming-of-age movie "The tender bar."

If you are a Ben Affleck completist: “The Tender Bar”

Based on JR Moehringer’s bestselling memoir, Clooney’s drama centers on 9-year-old JR (Daniel Ranieri), a boy who grew up on Long Island in the 1970s and whose father is not pictured. Instead, he receives lessons in non-toxic manhood from his uncle (Affleck), who becomes a source of bartending knowledge for the kid as he grows into a young adult (Tye Sheridan). The film begins to wander once JR leaves the nest, but Affleck exudes a cool fatherly warmth whenever he’s onscreen.

Where to watch: In theaters (and on Amazon Prime on January 7)

Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) and Randall (Leonardo DiCaprio) try to warn the world of impending disaster in satire

If you live for apocalyptic comedies: “Do not search”

Too long and not as sharp or incisive as his usual satires like “Vice” and “The Big Short”, McKay’s film is at least quite funny and full of stars. DiCaprio and Lawrence play scientists who discover that a planet-killing comet is heading our way, set out to warn the world, then run into a series of weird personalities, including a self-centered president (Meryl Streep), a tycoon of the crazy tech (Mark Rylance), a pop star (Ariana Grande) and a child skateboarder (Timothee Chalamet).

Where to watch: Netflix Friday

Rams quarterback Kurt Warner (Zachary Levi) celebrates after winning with wife Brenda (Anna Paquin) in "American underdog."

If you are ready for football: “American Underdog”

The inspirational story of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Kurt Warner is pretty good, and star Zachary Levi brings enough all-American down-to-earth charm to keep this thing from being Sports Drama 101. The based biopic On Faith follows Warner’s tough fight-fought from grocery store boy to rookie St. Louis Rams gunslinger, but also devotes equal screen time to Kurt’s close relationship with his wife Brenda (Anna Paquin ).

Where to watch: At the cinema on Saturday

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Paul Thomas Anderson's coming-of-age movie

If you want to see some stars born: ‘Licorice Pizza’

Anderson departs from “There Will Be Blood” and “Phantom Thread” to create a fun slice of ’70s life in the San Fernando Valley with great young leads. Cooper Hoffman (son of Philip Seymour Hoffman) plays an entrepreneurial teenage actor who meets a 25-year-old woman (Alana Haim of the Haim group) and they manage to both fall in love and drive each other madly. , thoughtful manners.

Where to watch: At the cinema on Saturday

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Macbeth (Denzel Washington) and Lady Macbeth (Frances McDormand) play a power game in "The tragedy of Macbeth."

If Shakespeare is your main man: “The Tragedy of Macbeth”

Director Joel Coen revisits the famous Bard’s play in a black-and-white expressionist adaptation and Washington gives him the necessary fire as the title of Scottish general, who makes a power play to be king and gets his ambitious wife (Frances McDormand ) on board. This super stylized “Macbeth” is also a showcase for Kathryn Hunter, who should earn Oscar consideration for bringing three infamous witches to a strange new life. (And if you want more of Denzel for the holidays, it also achieves the Christmas romance “A newspaper for Jordan“, with Michael B. Jordan and in theaters this weekend.)

Where to watch: In theaters Saturday (and on Apple TV + on January 14)

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Olivia Colman (right) stars as a woman on vacation by the sea whose obsession with a young mother (Dakota Johnson) forces her to face the choices she made early in her motherhood and their consequences in "The lost girl."

If you fancy a movie for awards season: “The Lost Daughter”

Maggie Gyllenhaal made solid debuts as a filmmaker in this unsettling drama set in a picturesque Greek seaside resort. Olivia Colman is excellent as middle-aged college professor Leda, who is on vacation and tries to avoid the crowds when she meets – and becomes slightly obsessed with – a young mother (Dakota Johnson) and her daughter. The interactions release memories of Leda’s painful past as a parent (played by Jessie Buckley).

Where to watch: Netflix December 31st

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