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Think you’re slow to recover from your vacation? Hollywood has beaten you.

The first weekend in January is usually a dead zone when it comes to new movies, and with Spider Man kill at the box office and omicron Creating additional unpredictability in our cinematic lives in the COVID-19 era, this weekend is pretty normal for the course. Jessica chastain directs the only major new effort in theaters, a female-filled action flick starring Penelope cruz, Lupita Nyong’o and Diane Kruger.

Now is a good time, however, to catch up on some big movies with a global twist, from Cruz’s Spanish drama. reuniting her with director Pedro Almodóvar, to an Iranian film that is on the shortlist for the Oscar for best international feature film.

Here’s a guide to the new movies that will satisfy any cinematic taste:

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If you are an accomplice of Jessica Chastain: “The 355”

Better not to think of Chastain following her stunning Oscar-ready performance in “Tammy Faye’s Eyes” with that starry spy dud. A high-stakes mission finds Chastain’s rogue CIA agent forming a motley team comprising Kruger’s German agent, former MI6 computer scientist Nyong’o and Colombian psychologist Cruz. They are playing a hot potato game all over the world with baddies on a hard drive that could pretty much destroy the world, although there are no winners here.

Where to watch: In theaters

Amir Jadidi stars as a man trying to pay off his creditor for a debt that leads him to serve prison time in the Iranian drama "A hero."

If you dig a good morality piece: ‘A Hero’

Director Asghar Farhadi’s tense drama centers on Rahim (Amir Jadidi), an Iranian man serving time in prison for inability to pay a debt. While on leave, Rahim gets his girlfriend’s chance to take care of it, which leads to a charitable act that causes more problems than not. Her path to hell is actually paved with good intentions, in a film that looks a lot like a modern tragedy thanks to Jadidi’s heartbreaking performance.

Where to watch: In the cinema (and on Amazon prime January the 21st)

Ana (Milena Smit, left) and Janis (Penélope Cruz) lives intertwine after sharing a hospital room in "Parallel mothers."

If you long for an unconventional parenting story: “Parallel mothers”

Two pregnant women, middle-aged Janis (Cruz) and young Ana (Milena Smit), meet in the same delivery room at the hospital and form an evolutionary bond over the years that followed, as the couple grow closer but also face personal complications. Cruz and Smit both stand out in a film that balances aspects of family drama and mystery thriller, and if their emotional story wasn’t enough, Almodovar wrapped it up with a sharp political message.

Where to watch: In theaters

“Parallel mothers”:How Penélope Cruz and Pedro Almodóvar came together during the pandemic

Skyler Davenport plays a blind ex-skier whose cat-sitting duty turns deadly when burglars show up "See For me."

If you like home invasion thrillers with a twist: “See For Me”

Played by visually impaired newcomer Skyler Davenport, a former blind Olympic-level skier takes on a cat sitting job in a remote mansion. When a trio of burglars show up in the middle of the night trying to break into a secret vault, she must stay alive with the help of a visual aid app – and a veteran of the benevolent army (Jessica Parker Kennedy) on the other end. . It’s a welcome and inclusive adjustment to familiar thriller territory.

Where to watch: In theaters and on Apple tv, google play

Luciano Pedro Jr. (far left, with Matheus Nachtergaele and Jules Elting) stars as a youngster who can talk to motor vehicles in the sci-fi fable

If you have a taste for the strange: ‘King Car’

This royally bizarre and at times sweet Brazilian sci-fi fable stars Luciano Pedro Jr. as a youngster who talks with cars, including one that saved him as a boy. The kid and his uncle take back old vehicles taken off the roads because of a new law, but a cult of machine worship appears in this genre of “Transformers” movie with a politically charged engine cranking up many strange speeds . (Between this and “Titanium“, people having sex with cars are becoming a trend.)

Where to watch: In the cinema and on Apple TV, google play

Ex-convict (Mickey Rourke, left) and DEA agent (Michael Jai White) face off in action flick "The Commando."

If you live for the 1980s action shows: “The Commando”

Full of two-fisted B-movie fury, the film stars Michael Jai White as an elite DEA agent struggling with PTSD after a mission gone awry. A needed vacation is cut short by an ex-convict (Mickey Rourke) determined to recover the $ 3 million he left in his old home – which happens to be the current home of our hero’s family. Rourke spends some screen time, but White is fun to watch as he slams into suburban warrior mode.

Where to watch: In theaters and on Apple tv, Seen, google play

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