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Other than another “Scream” installment, January was a bit of a miss when it came to new movies. But now we are in February, where things are looking up with the moon falling on us and the Clown Prince of Chaos Johnny Knoxville again doling out testicular trauma for laughs.

This weekend, Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson are astronauts trying to prevent a global catastrophe in “Independence Day” director Roland Emmerich’s latest sci-fi disaster film, while Knoxville, Steve-O and the “Jackass” gang adopt crazy stunts and hurtful shenanigans for their latest big-screen project.

Here’s a guide to new movies that will satisfy all cinematic tastes, as well as some notable theatrical movies that are making their debut on video-on-demand platforms and streaming services:

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If You Dig Space Tales: ‘Moonfall’

This sci-fi action flick proves once again that no one can smash civilization like Emmerich. John Bradley (“Game of Thrones”) enters the goofy disaster show as scientist/conspiracy theorist KC, who attempts to warn people that the moon is out of orbit, and only disgraced astronaut Brian (Wilson) will believe him. Brian has to make out with Jo (Berry), the NASA honcho, and the trio launch themselves to the moon to save the world as all hell breaks loose on Earth. It’s not “Independence Day,” but cheers for the over-the-top depictions of rampant global destruction and a jaw-dropping, jaw-dropping finale.

Where to watch: In theaters

Sean "Poop" McInerny (bottom center) is tasked with kissing a snake as Johnny Knoxville, Rachel Wolfson and Steve-O look on "Asshole forever."

If you find people who do ridiculously stupid things appealing: “Jackass Forever”

After the past two years, there’s something to be said for watching a group of friends get together and laugh a lot – even when they bump into each other’s ding-dong and one of them is called “Poopies “. Knoxville and Co. have been indulging in painful pranks for over two decades, and the stunts just got crazier (or dumber, depending on your taste for those hijinks). Cameos are fun, bruised private parts are plenty, you’ll probably wince at least a few times, but you’ll never let a vulture come near your crotch again.

Where to watch: In theaters

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Renate Reinsve plays a woman undecided about her career path and love life in the romantic comedy-drama "The worst person in the world."

If you don’t like romantic comedies: “The worst person in the world”

Norwegian director Joachim Trier demolishes all romantic comedies genre tropes and Renate Reinsve gives a standout performance in the melancholic and engaging film as a young woman equally indecisive with her career and love life. She first falls in love with an older, brash comic artist (Anders Danielsen Lie) and later with a kind but also involved barista (Herbert Nordrum). The film navigates its setbacks and self-sabotage through various episodes, even using a fantasy bent – ​​like dancing in time-frozen streets – to further innovate the funny and heartbreaking tale of finding love. Enjoy it now before the unmissable American remake with Dakota Johnson.

Where to watch: In theaters

Set in Arkansas after the Civil War, "Ghosts of the Ozarks" centers on a young doctor (Thomas Hobson, left, with David Arquette) summoned to a remote town filled with secrets and haunted by a supernatural presence.

If you like period supernatural stories: “Ghosts of the Ozarks”

There’s mystery and intrigue in post-Civil War Arkansas in this indie thriller, starring Thomas Hobson as a young black doctor recruited by his uncle to be a mining town doctor. from the south, a seemingly utopian place isolated from mysterious and murderous creatures that roam the nearby forest. “Ozarks” screenwriter (and former “Fresh Beat Band”) Tara Perry stars as a kind-hearted local who helps the newcomer, and the supporting cast includes David Arquette as the quirky haberdasher/photographer and Tim Blake. Nelson as a blind bartender who is the key to the town’s dark history.

Where to watch: AppleTV and google play

Emily Bennett (bottom) can't escape her apartment or video chat with her overbearing mother (Barbara Crampton) in the horror flick

If you want to be panicked: “Alone with you”

A romantic homecoming gives way to claustrophobic in this horror flick about a woman (Emily Bennett, who also co-writes and co-directs) who, as she anxiously awaits the return of her girlfriend (Emma Myles), finds herself trapped in their apartment and begins to experience strange sights and sounds around the place and at home and during a video call with her overbearing mother (Barbara Crampton). The solid thriller ends in dark places, although the best part is the journey to get there, with relentless tension and an incredibly unnerving sense of doom.

Where to watch: In theaters (and on VOD Tuesday)

Jim Sturgess stars as an architect with a debilitating eye disease in the quirky fable "The other me."

If you could use a complex fable: “The other me”

While pretty par for the course compared to your average “Twin Peaks” episode, this David Lynch-produced dramatic executive falls squarely into its weirdly deep and bizarre wheelhouse. Jim Sturgess plays an aspiring architect diagnosed with an eye disease that leaves him progressively blind, though his condition opens up a virtual world where he connects with a mysterious artist (Andreja Pejic), rethinks the rocky relationship with his wife (Antonia Campbell -Hughes) and seizes his identity.

Where to watch: In the halls and on AppleTV, google play

Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) is an Italian whose ambition turns deadly in "Gucci House."

Also streaming

  • Those who failed to see Lady Gaga in theaters strutting for another possible Oscar nomination can experience the very soapy historical drama “Gucci House” to AppleTV and VOD platforms now (and Blu-ray/DVD is coming February 22 if you’re old school).
  • Guillermo del Toro’s psychological thrilleralley of nightmares“, a new version of the dark tale starring bradley cooper as an ambitious carny and Cate Blanchett as a ruthless femme fatale, is streaming on Hulu and HBO Max.
  • And with the Super Bowl approaching, it’s a good time to check out the faith-based football biopic “American Underdog” – starring Zachary Levi playing NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner – as he hit VOD.

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