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Two best friends from high school form a band in “Metal Lordsa surprisingly sweet and unsurprisingly raunchy coming-of-age comedy starring newcomer Adrian Greensmith as the heavy metal-obsessed hunter and Jaeden Martell (“It”) as his geeky drummer and reluctant, Kevin. (The band’s full name might not print in a family journal, but it does contain the word “Skull,” naturally.) Rounding out the central duo, Emily (Isis Hainsworth of “Emma”), a cellist with mood disorder who becomes, in order, Kevin’s girlfriend and sort of the band’s bassist. The three are all either bullied or outcasts, but for the most part they make a friendly crew. (Hunter may be a single-minded jerk about what it means to be “metal”—used here as a metaphysical adjective—but Greensmith delivers his character’s snark in a fun way.) The action focuses on setting up a battle. of the confrontation of the groups, and while this is predictable, it also takes enough detours to keep things interesting. The talented supporting cast includes Brett Gelman as Hunter’s plastic surgeon father and Joe Manganiello as the headbanger-turned-doctor who counsels Hunter after his father, in desperation, takes the kid to rehab. Hunter is as simple as it gets, but he’s, uh, a tough kid. His taste in music is very genuine – likely the result of Tom Morello serving as the film’s executive score producer and co-writer of Hunter’s signature song, “Machinery of Torment,” whose angst is both hilarious and authentic. . The former Rage Against the Machine guitarist also appears in a dream sequence, along with Judas Priest’s Rob Halford and other veteran rockers, to offer romantic advice to Kevin. This is all very silly, but also extremely serious, as it is when you are a teenager. A. Available on Netflix. Contains foul language, sexual references, nudity, and drug/alcohol use – all involving teenagers. 98 minutes.

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