New movies to stream from home this week


Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart star in “The man from Toronto“, a violent and funny comedy/action film about a pal from Yorktown, Pennsylvania named Teddy (Hart) who, while vacationing with his wife (Jasmine Mathews) in Onancock, Virginia, somehow gets confused with the character of Harrelson: a sort of assassin/torturer who does evil missions for a mysterious trainer (Ellen Barkin) The geographically heavy plot – in which Teddy and “Toronto” are forced to work together, despite deep differences in temperament – ​​globetrotting from the aforementioned locations to Utah, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and Minnesota, in an adventure that has something to do with a Venezuelan colonel, a bomb and a severed thumb in an empty bag of red cheese puffs. It’s a simple-minded exercise in action movie making, the kind of thing bored teenagers might enjoy, or maybe just Hart fans, which is actually quite funny in several s scenes in which he must pretend to be a ruthless agent. And there’s just enough chemistry between the two stars to keep things from going off the rails, if not to warrant “The Man From Toronto 2.” PG-13. Available on Netflix. Contains violence throughout, coarse language and suggestive material. 112 minutes.

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