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The documentary “Acceptedfocuses on TM Landry College Preparatory School, a small school in Louisiana — with mostly black and low-income students — that first became famous for its viral videos students learning that they had been accepted to college (many to Ivy League schools). His second (unwanted) claim to fame was the subject of a New York Times talk which revealed the falsification of transcripts and accusations of physical and emotional abuse abuse against Michael Landry, a businessman who founded the school in 2005 with his wife (and five students) in their kitchen. But Dan Chen’s film, which was already underway when the 2018 article came out, isn’t just about Landry’s initial success or the scandal that followed. This too goes further, examining the issues of systemic racism that handicap minority students in the first place, highlighted by the Operation Varsity Blues scandal, in which some wealthy parents of college applicants, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, conspired and paid cash to get their kids through college. (One of the film’s subjects notes an irony: The game must be really stacked against poor students of color when the very applicants some prestigious colleges already seem to go to—white kids with money—can bribe their entrance.) This could sounds like a simple story, but it’s not. The title “Accepted” has a double meaning, referring to both the process of applying to college and the process of learning self-acceptance by finding a path to success that doesn’t follow your head. Not rated. Available on demand. Contains strong language. 91 minutes.

Written by Lena Waithe (“Queen & Slim”) and directed by Andrew Dosunmu (“George’s Mother”), “Beauty” tells the story of a gifted young singer (Gracie Marie Bradley) who struggles to retain her sense of identity and the woman she loves after she is offered a lucrative recording contract. A. Available on Netflix. Contains foul language and drug use. 95 minutes.

Codename Bansheeis a thriller starring Antonio Banderas as a former government assassin who comes out of retirement (and hiding) when his protege, known as Banshee (Jaime King), informs him that a bounty was placed on his head. Not rated. Available on demand. 93 mins.

Produced by Chris Pine (who also has a small role as OB/GYN), “Doula” is a comedy about an expectant couple (Troian Bellisario of “Pretty Little Liars” and Arron Shiver) whose midwife dies suddenly, leading them to hire her eccentric adult son (Will Greenberg), who works as a doula, or pregnancy and childbirth guide. A. Available upon request. Contains sexual scenes, drug use, coarse language and brief nudity. 105 minutes.

Grammy-nominated rapper and songwriter Freddie Gibbs makes his film debut in “Down with the king”, playing a rapper whose manager (David Krumholtz) sends him to a rural house in the Berkshires to work on his next album. Once there, he suddenly finds himself unable to make music and far more interested in helping with the daily chores of his fellow farmer (real farmer Bob Tarasuk). “There’s a feel of improvisation, largely due to the fact that neither Gibbs nor Tarasuk are seasoned actors,” according to the Austin Chronicle. “Instead, they freely inhabit their characters.” A. Available upon request. Contains pervasive foul language, drug use and sexual material. 100 minutes.

In the cyberthrillerSaddle,“Mel Gibson plays a bomb disposal expert called for help when a computer scientist named Friar (Kevin Dillon) finds a hair-triggered explosive device strapped to his office chair and an unseen hacker demands that Friar use his skills to Steal digital funds online Shannen Doherty and Sam Asghari also play. A. Available upon request. Contains coarse language and some violence. 104 minutes.


An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the “Accepted” documentary is open at two theaters in the Washington area. In the Washington area, it is only available by request. The article has been corrected.

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