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In the thriller “End of the roadQueen Latifah and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges play Brenda and Reggie, a recently widowed ER nurse and her mischievous brother, who go on a road trip from Los Angeles to Houston with Brenda’s kids (Shaun Dixon and Mychala Lee) in the back of a station wagon. In Tucson on Day 1, an unpleasant encounter with a few racists is just a harbinger of far worse things to come for this foursome, as they make their way through an inhospitable landscape that Reggie compares to the Area 51 – except they’re the aliens. For example: they witness a murder in the motel room next door, then Brenda finds out the next day that Reggie has taken a bag full of money he found in the dead man’s bathroom. Needless to say, they are quickly the subject of a manhunt – by the invisible mob boss who claims it’s his money, and by an Arizona State Trooper (Beau Bridges) who claims to want to protect them from the mob boss. Things play out as you’d expect – a kidnapping, a rolling gun battle, and various rivals for loot – with a rather surprising and satisfying turn of events to keep the otherwise predictable plot interesting. But the main fun is watching what Latifah (who is also the film’s executive producer) does with the stereotypical material. In his hands, Brenda is a mother bear not to be disturbed. A. Available on Netflix. Contains strong and bloody violence, drug use, sexual scenes and bad language. 91 minutes.

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