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With a structure resembling Dorothy’s side trip to the dream world in “The Wizard of Oz”, “Help”Tells the story of Ana (Grace Van Patten), a besieged waitress who wakes up on a remote island after being subjected to some kind of assault by the butler (Frano Maskovic) at the hotel where they all work the two. But aside from the occasional bleeding between universes – lines of real-world dialogue cropping up in Ana’s PTSD never land – this is where the “Oz” similarities end. Our heroine finds herself in a WWII setting, led by a trio of warrior women who live in a stranded German submarine while fighting with … all the men – many of whom are drawn to death, as if by sirens from the Greek myth. “They’re not even in uniform,” Ana told the group’s leader, Marsha (Mia Goth), after Marsha ordered Ana to shoot at an encampment of sleeping soldiers. “We don’t know which side they’re on. (To which Marsha replies, “It’s on the same side.”) Writer-director Karen Cinorre, who debuts this feminist fable, has a good eye and a keen sense of style, but her storytelling skills must be refined. Turns out Marsha may be the real villain here, as Ana searches for another way to heal the hurt she and the other women have suffered – other than killing everyone with a Y chromosome. But what path that might be is a bit unclear. Unclassified. Available on demand. 100 min.

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