Popular Oscar film award canceled for 2019, academy announces.



The new Popular Film category at the Oscars proved to be unpopular after all. The Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences announced on Thursday that it will not present the new award, which is said to have been “designed around achievements in popular cinema”, at the 2019 ceremony, as it previously had. planned. “The Academy has recognized that the implementation of all-new nine-month-in-the-year awards creates challenges for films that have already been released,” the organization said in a statement. “The Board of Governors continues to participate actively in the discussions and will consider and solicit additional comments regarding this category. “

The Popular Film category was announced in early August as part of a series of changes to come at the ceremony, including a shorter three-hour TV show where some awards will be given out during commercial breaks. The Academy had yet to announce criteria for what would make a film “popular” enough to compete for the new award or on what qualities the nominees should be judged on (although we at Slate had some ideas). This made it difficult for the filmmakers to know if their film would qualify for the category or how to campaign for the award, especially if their film had been released before the Academy announcement. “Challenges”, indeed.

To be clear, this news does not mean that the category is completely dead, only that it will require “more discussion” before it is fully implemented. It bodes well for Black Pantherthe chances of getting a nod to the best movie; the new category was widely seen as a way to bolster the film’s chances of being nominated (and possibly winning) an Oscar, given the Academy’s track record of diversity is fragile and super movies. heroes are rarely recognized. Now, Black Panther will at least be judged on its own merit rather than having to settle for a second-class victory.

The Oscars will take place on February 9 and will air on ABC.

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