Restoration of the film “The Outsiders”, reissue in theaters

A 4K restoration of “The Outsiders: The Complete Novel” hits theaters in the US and Canada on September 26 with tickets on sale this week.

Danny O’Connor of the Outsiders House Museum in Tulsa announced on social media that the film will be screened on September 25 on the museum’s lawn and then again on September 26 in partnership with Circle Cinema.

“The Outsiders” is a 1983 film by Francis Ford Coppola shot in Tulsa. The film, which helped launch the career of a stable of young actors, was based on a 1967 novel by Tulsa writer SE Hinton.

An announcement from Warner Bros., STUDIOCANAL and American Zoetrope stated that Coppola’s final final version of “The Outsiders” was created to give fans more of the action that took place in Hinton’s book. The updated version of the film will include new music and several cut scenes from the cinema version. The scenes were reconstructed from original camera negatives.

“’The Outsiders: The Complete Novel’ was born after meeting students over the years who have repeatedly asked me why certain scenes from SE Hinton’s wonderful book were missing in the theatrical version,” Coppola said in a statement. Press.

“These questions reminded me of my inspiration for the film – in 1980 a contingent of students aged 12 to 14 wrote and asked me to do so. I listened to these young fans back then, and I continue to listen to young people now and believe in their opinions, so this full movie version of the novel is for them.

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