Roy Scheider is back! Two new movies

  • Regal will show MovieFarm’s beautiful blue eyes in more than 400 rooms alongside JAWS
  • Roy Scheider sadly passed away before filming was completed, so the filmmakers had to wait for advances in AI technology to release the film as originally planned, more than a decade later.
  • Scheider requested that the film’s title be changed to reflect a moving scene within.

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The excitement for moviegoers began with the announcement of the re-release of Steven Spielberg’s epic JAWS in RealD 3D and IMAX, with twice Oscar nomination Roy Scheider (The French connection, all that jazz), is now bigger than ever. Global distributor MovieFarm today announced that Scheiderthe powerful final performance of in the thriller beautiful blue eyes, will also be seen by audiences exclusively at 431 Regal theaters across the United States, beginning September 9, with its world premiere at New York’s Regal Union Square on September 8.

Film critic Pete Hammond said of the writer/director Joshua Newton‘s, “A beautifully directed film that will have audiences talking long after.”

Roy Scheider in Beautiful Blue Eyes

The story is about an NYPD cop (Scheider) who spent decades haunted by the murder of his family during World War II. When he believes he has found the Nazi responsible, he enlists his estranged son to help him get revenge.

September is the first time Roy Scheider has been widely seen on the big screen in decades, creating a unique opportunity to see two Roy Scheider movies on the big screen in unison. beautiful blue eyes will play at all Regal locations where JAWS is showing in 431 theaters.

The cast also includes Scott Cohen (The Americans, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Sarah Bolger (A good wife is hard to find, the Tudors), Helmut Berger (The Damned, The Godfather: Part III), and Alexander Newton – who plays the young Joseph (character of Roy Scheider). Alexander also wrote and performed the title track.

Scheider’s wish to the director of beautiful blue eyes

Scheider told director Joshua Newton that he signed on to star in the film (then with a working title of “Iron Cross”), due to the meaning of “Beautiful Blue Eyes” in the film. Three days before his death, Scheider asked Newton to change the name of the film to beautiful blue eyeswhat Newton did in honor of Scheider.

Unfortunately, Scheider never got to see beautiful blue eyes, when he died in 2008 after battling multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer that returned after cutting his leg during a move.

Unreleased film now completed with the help of AI

It’s no secret that making movies is hard. To make things even more difficult for beautiful blue eyes‘ director Newton, the film was incomplete when Scheider died in 2008. Due to a malfunction in one of the cameras, some shots had to be omitted.

But now AI technology has repaired the damaged frames allowing Newton to edit and release the film, as he had originally envisioned.

A previous version of the film won awards at festivals, but the film was never distributed. Instead, Newton and fellow producer Kevin Farr decided to delay the release of beautiful blue eyes until a time when it would be possible to show the correct version of the film to large audiences in theaters.

Originally shot in 2008 and re-post-produced in 2022, beautiful blue eyes comes out in 4K.

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