Samantha’s defamation case against YouTube channels is heard today. A timeline


Samantha announced that she had separated from her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya. Since the announcement, several YouTube channels have released videos murdering Samantha’s character, accusing her of having had multiple affairs and abortions. Samantha has now filed a defamation lawsuit against three YouTube channels and a lawyer named Venkat Rao. The case will be heard in court in Hyderabad today, October 25.

A few days ago, the court of Hyderabad refused to speed up the procedure. In addition, the judge postponed the hearing to Monday, October 25. Ahead of the hearing, let’s take a look at the events leading up to this case.


On October 2, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya ended the speculation and announced that they were headed for divorce. In a statement, the couple said they were separated as husband and wife. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya filed for divorce by mutual consent.

The duo wrote that they would cherish their ten-year friendship, which was at the heart of their relationship. However, their statement did not reveal the reason for their divorce.

Here is the statement:


Shortly after the announcement of the separation, many Internet users wanted to know the reason for their divorce. Many YouTube channels have released videos with their own conspiracy theories. While some claimed that Samantha had several adventures, others mentioned that she did not want to start a family with Naga Chaitanya.

A lawyer named Venkat Rao stepped forward and accused Samantha of having had multiple abortions. He claimed that was the reason for their divorce.


On October 8, Samantha broke her silence for the first time after announcing her separation from Naga Chaitanya. She wrote that the personal attack on her was relentless. Declaring that a divorce is a painful process, the actress revealed that nothing can break her.

The statement from the Shaakuntalam actress said, “Your emotional investment in a personal crisis overwhelmed me. Thank you all for showing deep empathy, concern and standing up for me against the wrongs. rumors and stories going around They say that I had affairs, I never wanted children, that I am an opportunist and now that I have had abortions Divorce in itself is an extremely painful. Not to mention giving me time to heal. This attack on me personally has been relentless. But I promise you, I will never allow that or anything else they say, break me down. “


Last week, Samantha’s lawyer filed a libel complaint against three YouTube channels and advocated Venkat for spreading fake news about the actress. His lawyer also asked the Kukatpally court in Hyderabad to speed up the proceedings.

However, the Hyderabad court refused to expedite the proceedings. In fact, the judge who heard the case asked if Samantha could ask for an apology from those involved. However, his lawyer wanted to pursue the case.

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