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Sankranti has always meant two things to Pragya Jaiswal – celebrating her birthday and spending quality time with her family. And this year is very special as she will be spending the festival with her family in Mumbai after a long time. “Sankranti will be a comfortable affair. Given the pandemic and the surge in COVID cases, it’s best to celebrate the day with family and that’s what I plan to do. I am grateful to be surrounded by loved ones for this year’s Sankranti celebrations,” says Pragya.

The actress, who hails from Jabalpur, says she has fond memories of celebrating the festival as a child. “When we were kids, Sankranti was busy flying kites with cousins ​​and friends. It was so much fun. spending quality time at home, celebrating movie releases and gorging on delicious food,” she says.

Pragya’s family also has a tradition of applying ubtan all over the body and bathing in water till it continues to this day. “After the special bath, we do a puja together,” she adds. For the Kanche actress, however, the best part of Sankranti every year is the sweets made by her mother, Surekha. “The celebrations themselves are pretty simple, but the polite puran my mom makes is something I look forward to all year. Everyone at home loves it! It’s my idea of ​​comfort food , especially when there’s that slight twinge in the air. Even now, I make it a point to savor it every year, I don’t hold back. I just try to train a little harder the next day,” she says.

This Sankranti is very special for Pragya who has changed from Kanche girl to Akhanda girl for her Telugu fans. It is thanks to her role as an officer of the IAS which allowed her to show her qualities as an actress, she believes. “As an actor, I’m always hungry. I want the best scripts, roles and stories. I’ve been known the longest as Kanche’s daughter and when I said yes to Akhanda, I just knew that this film would be able to achieve something close and equally memorable,” says Pragya, adding, “I feel like my best is yet to come, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.

Pragya has only one goal in mind for the new year – to take each day as it comes. “Before, I was the person who planned every detail of his life, but the pandemic has taught me that I have to surrender to the universe. Good work, incredible films, whatever language they are in. are shot, and awesome roles are all I hope for in 2022,” she says as she signs on.

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