The coolest January 2022 movies to watch

Netflix is ​​ready to kick off 2022 with a bang. This New Year, Netflix says with the old and with the new, welcoming in a host of cool titles to make you feel warm and cozy this New Year. If your New Year’s resolutions include watching new movies, new shows, and catching up on your overall “To Watch” list, Netflix has you covered. Read on for the streamer’s best new movies of the year.

The streamer kicks off by adding a few classic titles to make sure the year starts on a high note. First off, we have two Tim Burton classics: Big fish and Charlie and the chocolate factory. Both are equally weird and entertaining, a perfect way to cure the winter blues. Also on January 1, the streamer will add the family favorite Kung Fu Panda to their collection, a wonderful way to spend time with the kiddos on snowy days.

Around the middle of the month, Netflix is ​​releasing some sizzling originals that will truly start 2022 with a bang. Cheeky will be released on January 13, following mystery writer Grace Miller as she tries to solve her sister’s murder. Then, the third film of the After trilogy, After we fell, will debut on January 17 – we’ve all been waiting to see what happens between Tessa and Hardin. These are exactly the types of movies that end up landing in Netflix’s Top 10.

To end the month, Netflix partners with Kevin James to release Home team, a sports film following the story of Sean Payton. The Kinnane Brothers comedy will follow the New Orelans Saints coach as he goes from being a children’s coach to the NFL. Home team, which will begin on January 28, will also eventually address the big Bountygate scandal. Want to know what other eye-catching movies are coming to Netflix next month? Keep scrolling for our full list of movies to watch on Netflix in January.


Release January 1st

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Big fish is a work of beauty. Tim Burton’s bizarre family epic follows the life story of the Bloom family as Edward shares his upbringing through tragedy, love, and more, all to his young son William. Returning to his younger years, Edward remembers falling in love for the first time, telling a series of fantastic anecdotes while lying on his deathbed. The Magic Movie stars Ewan McGregor, Jessica Lange, Billy Crudup, Helena Bonham Carter, and other great people.

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Release January 1st

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Another Burton classic, Charlie and the chocolate factory is the perfect movie to stream with ready-made Wonka candies. This tale is almost a perfect adaptation of the tale, with a stellar cast of young people at the helm of the musical. You should definitely watch Charlie and the chocolate factory soon to prepare for the upcoming prequel directed by Timothée Chalamet, Wonka. This 2005 hit stars Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, AnnaSophia Robb, Julia Winter and more.

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Release January 1st

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Keep the kids happy with Kung Fu Panda, which will join the Netflix catalog in January. When the ancient lore declares Po (Jack Black), a stumbling panda bear with no charisma or combat ability, the Dragon Warrior, things don’t go well with the rest of the kung fu masters. Still, Tai Lung threatens the homeland, which means Po must prepare and fight if he is to see another day in the place he loves.

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Released on January 5

Photo: Netflix

Four singletons challenge the concept of “soul mates” in this Italian romantic comedy. Four at dinner not only promises loads of steaming pasta, but steamy affairs, confusion, stabbing in the back, and all that great drama that these friends with beneficial relationships bring with them. Friends trade against each other, trying out different pairings to see what works and what doesn’t. It looks a bit like the classic Mike Nichols Closer, which brought out the best drama, romance and contemporary take on love.

Flux Four at dinner on netflix


Released on January 6

Land of waste

This Spanish thriller is sure to keep you on your toes in January. Land of waste releases earlier this month, which will follow the tumultuous story of a young mother and her intelligent son in the 19th century. While it might not be as glitzy as Netflix’s other period dramas, the film is sure to keep you entertained. A small family lives in isolation, but they cannot hide from the evil beast that lurks around their safe home. Little Diego will have to save his mother from the monster – and herself – if the family is to save themselves.

Flux Land of waste on netflix


Released on January 11

Dear mother
Photo: Netflix

Dear mother is a provocative French comedy that’s sure to blow your mind this month. The upcoming film is half-fantasy, half-comedy, half-drama: when a man’s heart stops beating, he is forced to confront with his mother the oedipal problems he is facing. Moreover, if he wants to be alive in the coming weeks, he will also have to ask his mother an unthinkable question. If he can do all the tasks, he will live. But if he doesn’t do it within three days, he’ll die. What a strange premise!

Flux Dear mother on netflix


Released on January 13

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Alyssa Milano leads Cheeky as an author of detective novels whose chills come true after the murder of his sister. She will have to put her skills to the test as she tries to solve the crime, taking paths as scorching as those defined in her novel and dangerous as ever. To make matters even more difficult, the writer realizes that his sister actually had a double life as a webcam performer. Ignoring a cool-headed detective’s recommendations to stay out of the case, Grace buries her head in solving her sister’s death.

Flux Cheeky on netflix


Released January 16

Phantom thread

We are sorry that Phantom thread won’t be available to stream until New Years Eve as it’s the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. Still, watch it a few weeks late when it lands on Netflix later this month. Paul Thomas Anderson’s hit follows a famous fashion designer and his new muse, a chaotic young woman about to do something completely destructive. The days begin with clashes, love is tender, and omelets are poisoned. Phantom thread is a masterpiece.

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Released on January 17th

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Tessa and Hardin’s toxic love story returns for a third film in the After trilogy. Originally based on a Harry Styles fanfic, the saga has evolved into something much more meaningful. In this new movie, we’ll see if Tessa ends up with passionate lover Hardin or sweet boyfriend Trevor. On top of that, we also need an update on Tessa’s father, who turned out to be the homeless person Hardin encountered at the start of the second movie. But the most important? We want these hot scenes!

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Released on January 20

The royal treatment
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Another romantic comedy to look forward to this month is the next one The royal treatment on Netflix. With Laura Marano in the role of a New York hairdresser, sparks leap between a man out loud and an unlikely woman. Izzy wants to change his life. So, naturally, she seized the opportunity to be the hairdresser for a magnificent prince’s wedding. Unfortunately, a new change occurs when she realizes that she is falling in love with the prince. If she is to be truly happy, she’s going to have to upset a lot of people and break a marriage to forge her own path with him.

Flux The royal treatment on netflix


Released January 28

netflix home team
Photo: Netflix

The latest on Netflix’s role this month is Home team, a sports comedy inspired by a true story. The film stars Kevin James as real sports star Sean Payton, a suspended NFL coach who tries to reconnect with his son by agreeing to coach his wild youth football team. Unfortunately for him, there are quite a few of them, but could they be tougher than a league of professional athletes? Probably not. The Adam Sandler-produced comedy stars Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider and Jackie Sandler alongside James.

Flux Home team on netflix

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