‘The Infinity Saga’ – A 50-Hour Timeline Supercut of MCU Movies


‘The Infinity Saga’ – A 50-Hour Timeline Supercut of MCU Movies

through Alex billington
November 19, 2021
Source: Reddit

“It was never more than a burglary!” It’s time for something really epic. You’ve heard of the Marvel Marathons, you’ve heard of the Supercuts, but what if you took all the MCU movies to date and brought them together into one amazingly one? epic super cup? Yes. Someone did that. A Reddit user called “pizzabryon”Brought together and illegally fan-released this supercut which he simply dubbed The infinity saga. Another fan once tried to edit everything together in what’s known as “The Sacred Timeline Cut” (a reference to “Loki” and the timeline with all the MCU events), but this one is slightly different. . The infinity saga takes “every MCU movie from Iron Man To End of Game”(23 in total) and re-edited everything in chronological order of scenes. This means that no matter what year this scene took place, it was tidied up that way, including flashbacks and time travel (it says “anything that didn’t involve or did not show the “Endgame Avengers” was moved in the year this took place “). It’s not just about cutting everything together, it’s about playing it linearly, which can be fascinating to watch.

There is a trailer available to watch, if that interests you. And if you really want to download and watch the whole thing (which is over 100GB in total), you can contact the user from Reddit and ask for details (we’re just reporting on that). He removed all download links because, of course, it’s illegal and not acceptable to just post online. But there are still ways to find and get your hands on this epic Infinity saga super cup.

The Infinity Saga Reddit

Click on above to be taken to the Reddit post with information on how to find the Supercup and answers to questions about what’s going on there. This Marvel MCU End of Game supercut was directed by Bryon Raffetto, also known as “pizzabryon” on Reddit. This is a 50 hour cut divided into 3 phases that aims to show every movie in the MCU from Iron Man (2008) to End of Game (2019) in chronological order by scene. This means that a lot of movies are cut along with other movies and some scenes are completely shifted in the timeline. “Wow.

His intro: “For those who don’t know, this is my complete piece of The infinity saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… There is a lot of fun to cut in phase 1 between Iron Man, Thor and Pontoon and in phase 3 with Civil war with spidey stuff, just for example. Each Marvel One Shot is included. There are also deleted, alternate, and extended scenes from almost every movie. There are also scenes only from the Phase 1 and 2 sets and the Infinity Saga set. There is also additional Marvel content like Team Thor and other random bonus content. As well as key flashback scenes from ‘WandaVision’, ‘Falcon & Winter Solider’ and ‘Loki’. Now fully updated with Black Widow. “So that has pretty much everything, every last scene in the original Infinity Saga, edited together. I think those kind of fan cuts are interesting, because Hollywood doesn’t already do this themselves. It’s always fascinating to see something you’ve already seen with new eyes, and this supercup offers that chance. Yes are you ready to sit back and watch over 50 hours? Up to you.

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