The Rise of Gru,’ and more!

Curious to know what’s coming out this week in addition to the rest of stranger things Season 4? There are seven new movies this week! There’s a new movie starring adorable little yellow guys who meet a budding super-villain. There is also a historical romantic comedy. And there’s even a movie about a swaggering princess.

Here’s the full rundown of new movies hitting theaters this week, as well as those hitting major streaming platforms.

New movies to be released this week from June 27 to July 3, 2022

Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022)


Release date: In theaters nationwide Friday, July 1, 2022.

Summary: In Minions: The Rise of Gru, the Minions meet Gru (Steve Carell), a twelve-year-old boy who dreams of one day being the world’s greatest super-villain. In order to become a super-villain, Gru, with the help of the Minions, must defeat a gang of villains called the Vicious 6.

To monitor: The outstanding voice cast includes Taraji P. Henson, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Lawless, Alan Arking, Russell Brand, Dolph Lundgren, Julie Andrews, RZA, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Danny Trejo.

word on the street: The film was set to be released in 2010, the 10th anniversary of the first film in the series, Despicable Me (2010). The film has been delayed twice due to COVID.

my catch: I can’t wait to see what trouble the Minions can get themselves into this time around.

Mr. Malcolm's List

Mr. Malcolm’s List (2022)


Release date: In theaters nationwide Friday, July 1, 2022.

Summary: Mr. Malcolm’s List is set in 1800s England when a young woman helps her friend get revenge on a man who rejected her for not meeting the requirements of his wife list.

To monitor: Theo James, Sope Dirisu, Freida Pinto and Zawe Ashton star in this comedy-drama that started as a self-published book, turned into a screenplay by the author and made into a movie by Emma Holly Jones. Jones shot a short film based on the novel to gain support for the film.

word on the street: At one point, Outlander star Sam Heughan was attached to the film. But he had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

my catch: I am a fan of Freida Pinto. We all fell in love with her Frieda in her feature debut as Latika in the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire.

The Forgiven

The Forgiven (2021)

Evaluation: R

Release date: In theaters nationwide Friday, July 1, 2022.

Summary: In The Forgiven, a wealthy London couple (Ralph Fiennes, Jessica Chastain) are on their way to the Moroccan desert for a lavish weekend party when their car hits and kills a local teenager. Therefore, the couple, with the help of their friends, cover up the incident. However, trouble arises when the boy’s father arrives to seek justice.

To monitor: The film is written and directed by John Michael McDonagh, whose award-winning work has included The guard (2011) and Calvary (2014).

word on the street: The film is based on a book of the same name by Lawrence Osborne. And it had its world premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival.

my catch: The cast includes Matt Smith, Ismael Kanater, Caleb Landry Jones, Abbey Lee, Mourad Zaoui and Marie-Josée Croze.


The Princess (2022)


Release date: Premieres on the Hulu platform on Friday, July 1, 2022

Summary: Princess is a film about a young princess (Joey King) who refuses to marry a man she doesn’t love and is locked away in her father’s castle. Now the man she rejected is determined to take his father’s throne. And the princess must escape and fight to save the kingdom. They have no idea who they are kidding because she is the princess.

To monitor: Joey King has been acting since 2006, appearing in TV series like Tthe suite life of Zack & Cody, Jericho, ITUCand ghost whisperer. Recently, she has moved on to feature films, including Radium Girls (2018), Slender man (2018), and Welcome to Maison Blum (2020).

word on the street: King is best known for her role as Elle Evans in the film series The kissing booth.

my catch: I loved Joey King in the TV series Fargowhere she played Greta Grimly, the daughter of Officer Gus Grimly, played by Colin Hanks.


Doula (2022)

Evaluation: N / A

Release date: Available on all major digital platforms on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

Summary: Doula begins when a couple’s midwife (Troian Bellisario, Arron Shiver) dies suddenly, the couple, already parents of two young boys, decide to hire the late midwife’s son, Sascha (Will Greenberg), to replace it. It’s a decision that could change their whole life.

To monitor: Chris Pin (Star Trek, Wonder Woman) produced the film. He also plays a small role as a doctor in the film.

word on the street: Troian Bellisario is best known for her role as Spencer Hastings in the long-running television series Pretty little Liars.

my catch: The film is directed by Cheryl Nichols and written by Arron Shiver, who stars in the film. Shiver and Nichols also brought us the award-winning 2017 film, Cortez.


Accepted (2021)

Evaluation: N / A

Release date: In select theaters and on demand Friday, July 1, 2022.

Summary: Accepted is a documentary about the students of TM Landry Prep School, an institution of learning where 100% of its students go to college, most to some of the elite and top-tier colleges in the country. However, an explosive NY Times article exposes the school’s controversial teaching methods and the possible cheating the school promotes.

To monitor: The film won the audience award at the Sidewalk Film Festival 2021.

word on the street: The film is by documentary filmmaker Dan Chen. His previous work includes short films she (2017) and Gisele (2016).

my catch: I’ve heard fantastic things about this movie and I can’t wait to see it.


Hot Seat (2022)


Release date: In select theaters and on demand Friday, July 1, 2022.

Summary: In harness, Orlando (Kevin Dillon) is a world famous former hacker. Orlando gave up that life. But he receives a call from a mysterious person who forces Orlando to hack into a high profile banking institution. If Orlando doesn’t do what the mysterious man says, a lot of people will die and Orlando will be blamed. Orlando’s only hope is a team of bomb squad cops, led by Wallace Reed (Mel Gibson), who must attempt to break into the booby-trapped building to get Orlando out of the “Hot Seat”.

To monitor: The film is from award-winning filmmaker James Cullen Bressack. His first feature film, My pure joy (2011), was a huge critical success.

word on the street: Kevin Dillon is a three-time Emmy-nominated actor for his role as Johnny Chase in the television series Surroundings.

my catch: It’s always fun to see our friend from 90210 Shannen Doherty on screen. Doherty plays the police chief, trying to coordinate the bomb squad’s attempt to disarm the bombs.

What new movies are you planning to watch this week?

And here are your news for the week of June 27 to July 3, 2022.

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