The Tender Bar, the latest Netflix movies, and 8 new movies you can now watch at home


A new year means a new list of outings to look forward to. Scream, The batman, Morbius (although a little later than we would like), and a whole slew of other great films hitting theaters this winter. Additionally, there are a bunch of new movies available to stream and rent on VOD this month, including George Clooney’s. The tender bar starring Ben Afleck and Tye Sheridan, the Russian sci-fi horror film Very deep, American Headquarters with Bruce Willis, and more!

To help you understand what’s new and available, here are the new movies you can watch with one click this weekend.

The tender bar

Where to watch: Available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Photo: Claire Folger / Amazon Studios

Based on JR Moehringer’s best-selling memoir, the coming-of-age drama of 2021 The tender bar stars Tye Sheridan (Loan Player One) as a young man with the ambition to become a writer growing up in the 70s and 80s without a father. On his journey to adulthood, he turns to his uncle Charlie (Ben Affleck), his cantankerous grandfather (Christopher Lloyd) and a kind-hearted community of locals at his uncle’s bar for advice on how to live and behave in the world.

See for me

Where to watch: Available to rent for $ 4.99 on Apple; $ 6.99 on Vudu

Image: IFC midnight

The horror thriller of 2022 See for me stars Skyler Davenport as Sophie, a blind former skier sitting in a luxurious, secluded mansion in the mountains. Ambushed by invaders determined to rob the house, Sophie is forced to rely on the help of Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy), an Army veteran working as an operator for a smartphone app in order to outsmart and defeat her possible killers. In our opinion,

Movies like A dancer in the night, Julia’s eyes, The eye, Flash, and In the dark all use blindness to make already vulnerable women even more vulnerable – not just to stalkers, predators and supernatural threats, but to self-doubt, marginalization and dismissal of those who should be protecting them. More than any of them, however, the new thriller See for me plays like a modern update of the 1967 classic Wait for the night, with Audrey Hepburn trying to outwit manipulative criminal Alan Arkin after he invades her home. See for me updates the Home Invasion formula with some clever twists and a key relationship. But screenwriters Adam Yorke and Tommy Gushue and director Randall Okita only push the formula so far before they run out of innovation.

Four at dinner

Where to watch: Available for streaming on Netflix

Image: Netflix

Italian romantic comedy Four at dinner follows several different alternate realities in which four single friends team up in different combinations. The question at the heart of the film’s premise is: is the concept of ‘soul mates’ real and shielded, or is there more to a successful relationship than cosmic compatibility? Four at dinner stars Matilde Gioli, Ilenia Pastorelli, Giuseppe Maggio and Matteo Martari.

Very deep

Where to watch: Available for streaming on Shudder; available to rent for $ 4.99 on Amazon, Apple; $ 3.99 on Vudu

soldiers pointing guns in The Superdeep.

Image: Thrill Films / RLJE

Russian horror film Very deep (or hyper-depth) asks a simple question: what if there was like a very deep hole with horrible nightmares inside? After numerous reports of unexplained screams and dozens of missing people, a small team of researchers and soldiers descend into the bowels of the Kola Superdeep Borehole in search of answers and survivors. What they discover is a terrifying presence that threatens all of humanity.

American Headquarters

Where to watch: Available to lease for $ 12.99 on Apple and Vudu

Bruce Willis holding a pistol in American Siege.

Image: Vertical entertainment

Once again, Bruce Willis stars in a video action thriller, this time as Ben Watts, a former NYPD officer turned sheriff who is forced to defuse a volatile hostage situation by resolving the disappearance of a young woman in a small rural town in Georgia. American Headquarters also stars Timothy V. Murphy as Charles Rutledge, a powerful local businessman who commands Watts, and Cullen G. Chambers as John Keats, a local doctor closely associated with Rutledge who finds himself caught in hostage by extremist militants.

Land of waste

Where to watch: Available for streaming on Netflix

Photo: Lander Larrañaga / Netflix

Land of waste, originally titled El Paramo (“The Beast”), focuses on the story of a small family isolated from society who suddenly find the tranquility of their quiet existence shattered by the arrival of horrible creatures that roam their home. The trailer looks brooding and evocative, questioning whether this “creature” is real or a fabrication born out of loneliness and a widespread fear of the unknown.

And here’s what fell last Friday:

The lost girl

Where to watch: Available for streaming on Netflix

Olivia Colman as Leda in The Lost Girl.

Image: Netflix

Olivia Colman (The favourite) stars in Maggie Gyllenhaal The lost girl as Leda, a woman on vacation by the sea whose curiosity towards a young mother (Dakota Johnson) and her daughter gradually turns into a dark obsession. Troubled by the couple’s relationship, Leda’s memories of her own tumultuous past as a young mother are triggered deep within her, forcing her to face the choices and consequences of her long-standing parenthood. dormant and buried.


Where to watch: Available to rent for $ 5.99 on Amazon, Vudu; $ 4.99 on Apple

Jason Isaacs and Martha Plimpton in Mass.

Image: Bleecker Street Media

Reed Birney (The hunt), Ann Dowd (The Remains, Hereditary), Jason Isaacs (The Patriot) and Martha Plimpton (Beautiful girls) star in the 2021 drama Mass like two couples of parents who, united by an unspeakable tragedy that has torn their lives apart, have agreed to meet in order to make sense of their shared loss and move forward. Not exactly the kind of premise you’d expect for actor-writer Fran Kranz’s directorial debut (Doll house, The cabin in the woods), but a remarkable premise all the same. The trailer looks tense and devastating, and each of the four main performances has garnered plenty of praise. Watch yourself first if you are interested in looking at this one.

Red snow

Where to watch: Available to rent for $ 4.99 on Amazon, Apple; $ 3.99 on Vudu

Image: 4 digital media

Horror comedy Red snow stars Dennice Cisneros (NCIS) as Olivia Romo, a struggling horror writer who treats an injured bat while spending her Christmas vacation alone in her late mother’s cabin. When the bat transforms into a handsome vampire, Olivia finds herself in love with the creature, feeding it animal blood as a budding romance erupts between the two. However, things quickly take a dangerous turn when a gang of vampires descend into Olivia’s cabin in search of her potential lover.

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