Top 15 Virgo Protagonists In Movies


Virgos leave nothing to chance and only approach things in life when they are confident enough. They take practical and careful approaches and are often the ones people turn to in times of need.

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Virgos are loyal and hardworking friends, often seen as the secondary or third main character in a movie. They are dependable, dependable, and generally don’t steal the limelight from the protagonists. But once in a while, whether canonically a Virgo or not, the main Virgo characters are in the spotlight.

Updated January 17, 2022 by Ben Hathaway: Virgo characters usually don’t fill the role of the main protagonist, but their shyness can be overshadowed by their work-no-play attitude.


Characters who are Virgos can be the silent leader, like a puppeteer who uses their influence for good. There will always be Virgo protagonists in the movies.

Ellen Ripley – Alien Franchise

Ellen Ripley in Alien

Extraterrestrial was released in 1979, a time when the central character was almost universally male. But it was Ripley who survived the Nostromo, and she didn’t do it as a Schwarzenneger type, but rather as a worrier.

Ripley is an extremely independent thinker, which can make her come across as cold or even downright rude (e.g. stopping Kane from getting into the ship). She is also practical and has an affinity for animals, both of which are Virgo qualities.


HEY is one of Steven Spielberg’s best alien films and its warmest. Elliott Taylor is doing a lot to make that happen.

Elliott is shy and generally has a hard time making friends. Also, her love for animals could be tied to her alien pal just like class frogs. Like the other Maidens (symbol of Virgo), Elliott has a distaste for rudeness, especially from his brother and his brother’s friends. However, he differs in that he does not share a love of healthy food (an affinity for certain Earth elements).

Martha & Spencer – Jumanji franchise

Martha and Spencer in Jumanji

Martha Kaply and Spencer Gilpin aren’t just Virgo characters in the movies, they’re the same in the gaming world, just in different skins.

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The “characters” are essentially the reverse of the two teenagers. Kaply becomes the aptly named Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), a master of karate, tai chi, aikido and dance fighting. Gilpin becomes Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone, who possesses all the traits audiences expect of a typical movie protagonist.

Bruce Banner – MCU

Bruce banner Incredible hulk avengers age of ultron

Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, is certainly the shyest of the Avengers. This trait juxtaposed with the loud bravery of Tony Stark makes them some of the the best science brothers in the MCU. moments.

Banner is also work-oriented with an analytical nature and a practical way of solving problems. He is loyal to his friends, even going so far as to jump in the Hulkbuster for battle once the “other guy” doesn’t come out.

Hiccup – How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup riding Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon.

How to train your dragonHiccup Horrendous Haddock III of Hiccup is a great leader of his people, but he certainly takes a different approach than his father, Stoick the Vast.

Hiccup certainly has a love for animals, so much so that it’s the central dynamic that successfully built a trilogy. He also possesses most of the traits held by Virgos: he doesn’t like the limelight, he’s shy, a constant anxious, and he can be quite hard on himself at times.

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter Franchise

As a member of the trio, Hermione brought a lot to the table as the smartest witch in her class. She may have a reputation as a know-it-all and used to pissing off Ron and Harry, but she remains a loyal and loving friend.

Born on September 19, Hermione was born Virgo and embodies the zodiac sign to her core. She is studious, practical and although she is kind, she has always had trouble making friends as she wears her insecurities on her sleeve.

Axel Foley – Beverly Hills Cop

Axel Foley is the star of Beverly Hills Cop, a film about a Detroit cop who travels to Beverly Hills after the murder of his friend. He was born on August 25 which makes him a Virgo although he doesn’t really display the characteristics.

He’s charming, clumsy, and amiable, which is the opposite of a Virgo, but he still has a lot of good Virgo qualities. He’s committed to his job, a loyal friend, and he can’t stand rude or inappropriate behavior.

Bella Swan – Twilight Franchise

duskBella is one of the most unconventional protagonists in movie history due to her introverted nature and practical approach to life despite being surrounded by mythical vampires and werewolves.

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Born on September 13, she was born a Virgo and displays many characteristics including being overly critical of herself, refusing to ask for help, and her shy nature.

Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts Franchise

As the star of the Harry Potter spin-off, Newt Scamander is a talented wizard with a passion for mythical creatures. He is considered weird or clumsy by most because he has a profession that most wizards despise.

He may not be as brave and reckless as Harry, but he’s still a great wizard with a good head on his shoulders. He may not have a lot of people in his life, but the ones he does have he really cares about.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man – MCU

Spider-Man Tom Holland

As the third cinematic Spider-Man we’ve seen since the early 2000s, the mcu wall-crawler is the younger and more inexperienced version of the hero. At only 15 years old, Peter is still used to being a hero and he makes a lot of mistakes along the way.

As a Virgo, Peter rarely enjoys violence and pulls his punches to avoid any serious harm or repercussions for his actions. He’s not the most popular guy at school, but he’s still a kind and practical hero.

Frodo Baggins – The Lord of the Rings Franchise

Born on September 22, Frodo Baggins was not destined for heroism and much preferred to stay in the comfort and safety of his home. He’s not the most intimidating or the best hero, but he’s still committed to the cause and one of the bravest heroes.

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He is constantly worried and seems afraid of the world and his adventures, but he manages nonetheless and lives happily ever after.

*Barry Allen/The Flash – DCEU


As the youngest and most inexperienced hero of the Justice League, Barry Allen is a man who has spent most of his life alone and has very few people to turn to. After gaining his powers, he becomes even more isolated from the world and in his own shell.

Unlike the rest of the heroes, The Flash has no experience of fighting or harming anyone and chooses to avoid doing so, like a true Virgo. Thankfully, audiences will have more time with the character in the upcoming multiverse changer the flash.

Miguel Coco (2017)

Pixar's Coco - Miguel on Guitar

Miguel was the star of the disney classic, coconut, the story of a young boy who travels to the spirit world to meet his idol. When he realizes his idol isn’t who he thought he was, he tries to expose it and give credit to the real hero behind all the songs his idol sang.

Miguel is an ambitious young man but he is the black sheep of his family because he is the only one who loves music and hates making shoes. He guesses a lot and often struggles to find who he really is, which makes him a true Virgo.

Obi-Wan Kenobi – The Star Wars Saga

As a fan favorite of the star wars saga, Obi-Wan is a composed and level-headed Jedi master with plenty of experience as a fighter and diplomat. He has a reputation for handling situations without leading to violence and is trusted to handle the most serious situations.

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He is practical and very rule-abiding, refusing to break the rules and constantly correcting his reckless young padawan. He approaches everything with caution and has reached his old age because of it.

Jamie – An Unforgettable Ride

Jamie wasn’t the most popular or the prettiest girl in her high school and that didn’t bother her at all. Her nose was always in a book and rarely came out of its shell until she met and fell in love with Shane.

She is very shy and extremely obedient, even with her father’s strict rules, making her an excellent example of a Virgo film protagonist.

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