Tosca Musk’s New Movies Are Perfect For Romance Lovers


With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu continuing to branch out with original content, filmmakers have more opportunities to show their work on a wider platform. Filmmaker Tosca Musk, took that same concept to a new level by founding Passionflix, a streaming service for toe-curling romances. With original content added regularly, its subscribers are growing at a steady rate.

The channel was founded in 2017 by Musk, producer Jina Panebianco and writer Joany Kane. They’ve created a place to turn best-selling romance novels into movies and series. The director, Musk, says on the platform website: “As a big fan of romance, I am thrilled to be able to present inspiring love stories for women and men via Passionflix.”


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Adaptations of original books

Although Passionflix hosts some licensed content, such as the movie Conversations with other women, their original content is solely focused on true-to-page romance book adaptations. One of the biggest selling points of these adaptations is the author’s contribution to the script and other key areas of filming. The Gabriel’s Hell trilogy is an example of this fundamental principle.

The book of the same name, written by Silvain Reynard, has 4/5 stars on GoodReads, and is even more popular with romance fans. by Gabriel Hell is the story of how Julia Mitchell, played by Melanie Zanetti, falls in love with the mysterious Dante scholar, Gabriel Emerson, played by Guilio Berutti. When she enrolls in his promotion, their attraction brings past and present problems into their lives.

The films, directed by Musk, are adored by fans of the book. The focus is on the smallest details, such as the purple-colored towels in Julia’s bedroom. The cast’s faithful rendition of dialogue and portrayals of characters were accurate and realistic compared to the written versions. Even the author of the book spoke out in adaptation support.

In order to encompass all of the material in the book, Musk turned one book into three films. Without worrying about a shortened runtime, the films had the freedom to focus on the journey as a whole. The second book, by Gabriel Redemption, follows the same cinematic style. The sequel has two movies available on the platform, with the latest episode premiering on August 12.

Attention to raunchy detailsEmma Catherine Rigby and Jonathan Urb are getting closer

The steamy love scenes are another example of Musk’s dedication to literal acting. All avid readers understand the importance of love scenes and how they bring characters together. Hollywood dirt, is fantastic for showing the sexual tension between the characters, while driving the audience to a satisfying climax.

Hollywood dirt is the story of movie star Cole Masten, played by Jonathan Urb, as he begins shooting a new movie in a small town. When country girl Summer Jenkins, played by Emma Rigby, shows her authenticity to a talent scout, she finds herself chosen to be the primary love interest. Conflicting worlds unite between the attractions of the stubborn co-stars.

Every detail surrounding Alessandra Torre’s original love story comes through on screen. The sex scenes contain a lot of details that are not safe for work; however, it is tastefully done. Rather than watching a lewd act, the audience sees the intimacy that makes the characters’ relationship all the more real. Using this intimacy, Hollywood Dirt was realistic in showing that the opposites of Cole and Summer attract love.

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Subscription basedJordan Lane Price and David A. Gregory in the kitchen.

Musk has chosen a great platform to start showing his work to the public. With a $5.99 monthly subscription for full access to their content, audiences don’t have to pay a huge sum to help the service grow from its early days. Subscribers have access to the Passionflix website, but content is also available on Amazon Prime as an additional channel. This is especially handy for Prime subscribers having all their subscriptions in one place. Amazon Prime also offers the individual Passionflix movies for sale or rent, as they do for many other movies and TV shows not included in their subscription.

While Passionflix is ​​still new and has been hampered by the Covid-19 shutdown in 2020, the amount of content is sufficient for the asking price. Musk and other key members are working diligently to create more quality content to satisfy viewers’ appetites. They already have several films, shorts and a series in progress. There are more on the way, with films already slated for pre-production and premiering soon. With the ever-expanding catalog, subscribers are happy with the monthly price for such a short wait time.

Passionflix is ​​a streaming service dedicated to staying true to the visions of book lovers. Tosca Musk’s films are shaking up the well-deserved romance genre. Movies and series adaptations are being added at such a rapid rate that subscribers are happy to pay a monthly subscription to view content as it is released. It’s a great service to consider adding to any book lover’s must-have list.

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